Do you want to lose all the work you’ve put into your Divi WordPress site or blog over the years?

On the assumption you have answered NO! you need to get your backup strategy in place ASAP.

Now, im sure you have heard this before, but you should always be backing up your websites (and all your other important documents, photos, etc for that matter). Things can, and do, go wrong with technology and you need to have a solid backup strategy for when they do.

When should i be backing up my Divi website?

How often you backup your site really depends on how often you are updating your content, plugins and theme. But to give you an idea;
– backup your site before updating WP, theme or plugin files.
– Schedule backups in respect of your content. If you are only blogging once a week, then a weekly backup should be fine.
– make a manual backup every month or 2 as a secondary backup to the automated backup solutions you may have.

What do i use to backup my Divi website?

There are many ways to backup your website, so take a look at (and implement) one of the following options and sleep soundly at night knowing that you have your back (website) covered. There is no right way, but the options listed below are ones i use and/or ones that get consistent positive reviews and recommendations from members of the Divi and WP community. I took a poll in the Divi Theme Users FB group to see what people were using and Updraft Plus came out on top as you can see below.


Check out some of the backup options for your Divi website?

Updraft Plus (FREE + Premium from $70.00–$145.00)

backup divi with updraft plus

Updraft Plus is a really popular option for a lot of Divi/WP users and was given a big thumbs up from Elegant Themes by appearing in their Cream of the Crop: The 14 Best WordPress Plugins of 2015.

Key Features include;

    Highest-rating backup and restore plugin at (4.85 stars out of 5.0), and ranked in the top 50 (of 30,000) WordPress plugins at
    Designed to run everywhere that WordPress runs
    Multi-site (i.e. WPMU/WordPress Network) compatible.
    Proven to backup sites of 50Gb; file size only limited by Web host.WordPress Backup – UpdraftPlus
    Backs up limitless non-WordPress files and external databases.

The plugin has both free and premium versions and you can check out the comparison between the free and premium Updraft Plus. For the premium plugin a one-off license cost ranges from $70 (2 sites), $95 (10 sites ) and $145 (unlimited sites).


Backup Buddy (from $80 – $297)

update divi with backup buddy
Backup Buddy, along with Updraft Plus, is one of the popular forerunners for backing up WP sites.
Key Features include;

    Database or Full Backups
    Offsite storage like BackupBuddy Stash, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud, FTP or email.
    Schedule Backups
    1GB of Stash storage for free
    Choose which files (or tables) to exclude from your backups
    Create custom backup profiles

Backup Buddy is a premium plugin with annual prices ranging from $80 for use on 2 sites, $100 for up to 10 sites and $150 for unlimited sites. $297 will get you lifetime access.


Hosting backups (cPanel/Installatron) (FREE)

Most hosts for Divi will offer some sort of backup solution but it is essential to check exactly what is on offer. How many and how often are backups made? Is there a charge to restore the backups and how easy is the process? Are the backups stored on your servers or remotely?
My hosts (Panthur in Australia) have 2 ways to backup my Divi website built into cPanel.
Click restore – Creates a 30 day rolling backup that can be accessed and restored via cPanel in a few clicks. Very easy to do, but the backups are stored on Panthurs servers, so if something catastrophic happens you may loose them, which is why i also use the 2nd option to backup to Dropbox.
Installatron backups – The wordpress application you set up can be backed up via installatron, and the good thing about this is that they can be schedules (see image above) and can also be backed up to offsite locations, such as a Dropbox account.


Vaultpress ($99-$299 per year)

One of the big draw-cards for Vaultpress is that is was created by Matt Mullenweg (the WordPress co-founder) and his developers at Automattic. This gives you a lot of security to know that the developers can be trusted and obviously know WP inside out! The basic package is $99 per year, with the $299 per year premium package also including security scanning, real time backups and a full backup archive (not just 30 days). A solid choice for backups if you are not put off, like i think many may be, by the subscription payments.


Manual Backups (Free)

manual backup of Divi WP website
Manual backups requires a little more technical know-how (or ability to follow instructions) but it is a good way to know exactly what you are backing up and will help you understand the process of backing up. The backup plugins available today mean that not many people are manually backing up their WP sites, but the option is there if you want to get your hands dirty.



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