Stop chasing the disappearing visual builder settings bar and double click.

When using the front end visual builder in Divi, the settings bar for you section, row or (usually) module may disappear before you get a chance to click on it.

No matter how fast you get your mouse and clicking finger moving you are always too slow! This issue is kind of random and kind of annoying too, but there is a very quick and easy solution to defeating the disappearing settings bar.

Visual Builder Double click to the rescue

By double clicking the section, row or module you will launch it’s settings window. without having to click on the (sometimes shy) settings icon. The double click not only solved this problem for me, but I now use it as my main option for opening the settings window. Give it a try and see for yourself.

Check out the video below to see the problem, and solution 🙂 – apologies for the shaky phone video at the start, but the issue seemed to partially go away when i activated my screen capture software on my laptop, which leads me to believe that the gremlins are actually living in my laptop… 😉

Enjoy your Divi double clicking.



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