Learning Divi is easy with the ultimate Divi resource lists.(Updated April 2017)

The Divi ecosphere has come a long way in the past couple of years and we now have a huge number of useful Divi resources from an ever expanding community of users and 3rd party developers. If i missed any useful Divi resources in the list below, please drop[ me a line via Divi Theme Examples submit page.

Official Elegant Themes resources

Divi Theme documentation  – This is the place to start if you are new to Divi.

Elegant Themes Support Forum  – The official Elegant Themes support forum for paid ET members.

Elegant Themes Youtube channel – Videos for everything Elegant Themes and Divi.

Elegant themes on Facebook – Elegant Themes official Facebook page.

Elegant Themes on Twitter – Elegant Themes official Twitter page.

Elegant Themes on Dribble – Some great design inspiration from the Talented Elegant Themes team.

Mario Maruffi on Dribble – Mario Maruffi – Great stuff from the lead product designer at Elegant Themes.

Examples & Inspiration

Divi Theme ExamplesThe ultimate Divi examples website with almost 900 1000+ 1500 Divi live examples.

Divi News

Divi Theme NewsDivi news, tutorials, reviews blog posts from around the Divi community all in one place. Also available as a wekkly email round-up.


Divi Theme Examples layouts page – Lists every free layout from Elegant Themes and Divi Theme Examples.

Divi Theme Examples community layouts page – Lists every free + paid layout from the wider Divi community.

Divi Plugins

Divi Theme Plugins Directoy Every Divi Plugin in an easy to use directory.

Divi Theme Examples plugins page List all the best Divi plugins in 1 place along with non-Divi but useful plugins.

Tutorials, guides and snippets

Divi Theme Examples Resources – Divi resources including guides, tutorials, news and everything else Divi 😉

Divi Space – Lots of useful stuff from the talented SJ James.

Elegant Marketplace Blog – Various Divi and general web design resources.

WP Theme FAQ  – From the creator of Divi booster, this site also offers code tutorials you can implement yourself.

Quiroz Blog – A collection of Divi tutorials by Geno Quiroz.

Divi Soup – Some cool tutorials (recipes) from Michelle Nunan.

Divi Magazine – A collection of Divi tutorials and articles.

Divilicious – A collection of Divi tutorials and articles.

Elegant Tweaks – A collection of Divi tutorials and articles.

Love Divi – A collection of Divi tutorials

Elegant Enthusiast – A collection of Divi tutorials

Evernote File – A collection of code snippets in this public access Evernote file by Alison Freeman

Divi Child Themes

Divi Theme Examples Child theme page – Lists all the Divi child themes in 1 place.

Divi Space – A marketplace for child themes and Divi related products.

Monterey Premier – Divi Child theme developer

The Design Space – Divi Child theme developer

Elegant Child Themes – Divi Child theme developer

Sunflower Blog Designs – Divi Child theme developer

Divi Soup – Divi Child theme developer

Aspen Grove Studios – – Divi Child theme developer

Divi Child – Divi Child theme developer

Awesome Theme Designers – Divi Child theme developer

Elegant Marketplace – A marketplace for child themes and Divi related products.

Social media & forums

Divi theme examples 10,000+ – A Facebook group for Divi Theme Examples and general Divi stuff.

Divi Theme Users & Elegant Marketplace 20,000+ – A group for Divi users run by Elegant Marketplace.

Divi Theme Help & Share 10,000+ – A Facebook group for Divi users.

Elegant themes User Community 7,000+ – A Facebook group for Divi users.

Elegant Themes – Divi Users4,000+ – A Facebook group for Divi users

Courses and guides

DIY with Divi – A free start to finish beginners guide to building a website with Divi

Siteschool – A paid for course by Melissa Love of The Design Space.

Divi Child Theme Course – A paid for course by Michelle Nunan of Divi Soup.

CSS and Divi beginners Course – A paid for course by Michelle Nunan of Divi Soup.

Build a Website with Divi and WP – A paid for course by Geno Quiroz of Monterey Premier.

Udemy Course – Give Your WordPress Website a Makeover: Divi WordPress Theme

Deep Dive into Divi 3 – A premium course from Elegant Marketplace *coming soon*

The Client Class – A Divi specific teaching resource for clients


Divi Nation podcast – Official podcast from Elegant Themes hosted by Nathan B Weller
Divi Chat podcast – Divi developers Olga Summerhayes, Sarah Oates, Tami Heaton, Tammy Grant, Shannon Shaffer, Kathy Kroll Romana, Leslie Bernal, Terry Hale, David Blackmon, Cory Jenkins, Geno Quiroz, Tim Strifler, SJ James and Adam Inlay chat everything Divi in this weekly video podcast.

Divi Jobs

Divi Freelancers for hire Facebook group – Divi specific jobs



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