The wait for Divi 3.0 was is going to be awesome!

Elegant Themes announced yesterday (day 1) that Divi 3.0 would be released in 100 days and seeing as nobody likes waiting they decided to make it a bit more fun. And so, the 100 days to Divi 3.0 will be filled with free Divi resources created by Elegant Themes for us, the Divi Theme community.

Below is a list of the Divi freebies released to date, which will be updated daily as the days go by. 100 days of Divi freebies in 1 post.

**Please note that this page contains affiliate links to Elegant Themes and by clicking on these links (and making a purchase on Elegant Themes), you will be helping to keep DTE a free resource for all. Thanks 🙂

Divi 3.0 Has Arrived! Inroducing The Visual Page Builder So Ridiculously Fast & Easy-To-Use You’ll Think It’s Magic

It’s here and it looks amazing. Check out the intro post from Nick Roach and see just how cool this new front end builder really is. Great job from the ET team :)/p>

Divi Theme 3.0 is released

What’s Next? The Elegant Themes Blog After the Divi 100 Marathon–Divi Nation Short

Nathan gives us an insight into how the Divi 100 went and how Elegant themes plan to continue to provide high quality Divi resources for the Divi community. 1 more day 🙂

day before divi 3 release

Download the Free Divi Coming Soon Pages Layout Kit

The last layout pack from Elegant Themes 100 day countdown. You can view all the layout packs from Elegant Themes on Divi Theme Examples layouts page. View the Live Layout pack here.

download Divi 3 landing page layout pack

The 10 Best Divi eCommerce Child Themes

10 Divi child themes with Woocommerce customisations included in the theme. For all 90+ child themes for Divi see the Divi Child Themes page on Divi Theme Examples.

Divi 3 woocommerce child themes

5 Fun Ways to Style Divi’s Blurb Module

For more ways to customize the Divi blurb module see the Divi blurb module tutorials & resources page.

Divi 3 customize blurb module

Free layout pack for Small Business by Olga Summerhayes

A 4 page layout pack that can easily be tailored to suit a range of small business websites. View the Live Layout pack here.

download free layout kit from elegant themes

The Final Divi 3.0 Video Sneak Peek

Take a look at the new Divi 3.0 visual undo, redo and revision history in the last sneak peak video before Divi 3 is launched on the 7th September 2016. Not long now!

divi 3 video guide

Download the Free Divi Wireframe Kit Vol. 3 Today

The 3rd installment of the Divi Wireframe layout packs adds more ready to go layouts to kickstart your next Divi project. View the Live Layout pack here.

download free layout kit from elegant themes

Tips For Creating, Exporting and Sharing Your Own Divi Library Elements & Customizer Settings

Import/export your Divi library and cistomizer setting for use as a backup or to re-use on another Divi site. Share your Divi layouts on DTE too!

divi-3.0 library

How to Use the Divi Wireframe Kit to Create Professional Landing Pages

How do you use all these wireframe layout packs? Follow this video tutorial and see how you can turn the wire-frame kit into a finished design.View the Live Layout pack here.

download free layout kit from elegant themes

5 Stunning Examples of Divi’s Post Title Module & How to Achieve Them

I think this is an underutilized module by many, so take a look at this post and start using the Post Title Module!.

divi-3.0 post title module

Free Crossfit Inspired Layout Pack by Geno Quiroz Created with the Divi Wireframe UI Kit

A layout pack for free download on Elegant Themes created by Geno Quiroz for crossfit/fitness businesses. Layout pack contains 4 key pages.View the Live Layout pack here.

download free layout kit from elegant themes

How to Make Any Divi Page Element Sticky–Divi Nation Short

A quick video tutorial showing you how to make elements sticky on your page so users are drawn to them. Another popular alternative is the Sticky Menu (or Anything!) on Scroll.

divi nation short video tutorial

Divi 3.0 Video Sneak Peek #3: Editing Content On Your Page With The New In-line Editor

Day 87 and the features of Divi 3.0 are looking very polished now. less than 2 weeks left 🙂

Divi 3 theme video guide

Download the Free Divi Wireframe Single Static Product Sections Kit for Landing Pages & Catalogs

A layout pack for free download on Elegant Themes blog which includes a Single Static Product Sections for Landing Pages & Catalogs layout created with the wireframe layout kits from earlier posts.View the Live Layout pack here.

download free layout kit from elegant themes

5 Text Styling Tricks for WordPress and Divi

You have probably seen a lot of websites from Melissa Love in the Divi showcase… and that’s because she is very good at what she does. So, take some tips from a great designer and give your text a little extra love.

divi-3.0-theme-day-85 text styling

Download Another Free Divi Landing Pages Layout Pack Built With Our Expanding Wireframe Kit

A layout pack for free download on Elegant Themes blog which includes 2 new landing page layouts created with the wireframe layout kits from earlier posts.View the Live Layout pack here.

download free landing page layout kit from elegant themes

10 Awesome Third-Party Divi Plugins

You can view every Divi 3rd party plugin on the Divi Theme Examples plugin page. You can also get 5 of the plugins listed in the ET post as part of the Divi Plugin Bundle.

Divi 3 10 plugins

5 Unique Button Styles You Can Achieve With Divi’s Button Module

The #3. Double Button – Left & Right is particularly nice 🙂


Community Update: Divi 3.0 Beta, Powered by Divi T-Shirts, & Upcoming WordCamps–Divi Nation Short

A quick roundup from Nathan B Weller to keep us updated on upcoming events and how to get one of the Divi T-shirts he is wearing in this video.

divi-3.0-theme-divi nation short

Divi 3.0 Sneak Peek Video #2: The “Invisible” and Customizable User Interface

Not long now, and Divi 3 is looking quite spectacular. If you are in the Beta testing group you can now start testing and reporting any bugs so you can help this release of Divi be the best it possibly can. 🙂

divi-3.0-theme-video preview

Download the Free Divi Wireframe Static Product Sections Layout Kit

More layouts in the popular wireframe layout pack series, this time for static product sections.View the Live Layout pack here.

divi-3.0 wireframe kit download

How to Give Your Divi Archive Pages a Masonry Layout

Follow this tutorial and get your Divi archive pages matching your masonry blog pages. layout

Download the Free Divi Landing Pages Layout Pack Built with Wireframe Kit Vol. 1

This layout pack shows what can be achieved with the wireframe layout packs from day 72 and 65 below.View the Live Layout pack here.

divi 3 day 77 divi layout pack download

5 Creative Divi Header Module Styles You Can Achieve Using Built-In Settings

As the 1st part of many websites, the header module is something that needs to look great. Follow this tutorial and get a nice looking header to welcome people to your Divi site.

divi 3 header styles

5 Beautiful Ways to Style Divi’s Shop Module

The shop module is something that is quite often just left with the default styling, but with these simple css edits you can add some extra styling and stand out from the crowd.

divi-3.0-custom shop module designs

How to Add Links to Divi Fullwidth Slider Images–Divi Nation Short

“In this episode of Divi Nation I’m going to show you step-by-step how to make images on your fullwidth sliders clickable. The tip is very easy to achieve; requiring only a small snippet of CSS code. This code hides the button and the text but allows you to link the image to the desired page. “

divi nation podcast for Divi 3

Join The Divi 3.0 Beta Program

If you are already part of the Divi beta testing program you don’t need to re-apply, but there are also 500 new spots open if you wopuld like help ensure this build of Divi is the best it can be.

divi 3 theme beta testing group

Free Divi Download: Multipurpose Wireframe UI Kit Vol. 2

Part 2 of the popular Wireframe kit gives you even more building blocks ready to get a layout activated in minutes ready to be styled as required. View the Live Layout pack here.

divi 3 wireframe UI layout pack download

Free Divi T-Shirts And Other WordCamp Fun Coming Up–Mark Your Calendars!

Get yourself over to Wordcamp Philadelphia or Columbus, say hi to the Elegant Themes team and grab a Divi T-shirt.

Divi Elegant themes t-shirts

Free Divi Downloads: Creative Pricing Tables Layout Kit

It seems there is no end to the great layout packs Elegant Themes are producing and this one for your pricing tables is something many of us can put to good use.

divi 3 pricing table layout pack download

5 Easy Ways to Beautify Your Divi Sidebar

These 5 tips & tricks from Melissa Love at The Design Space show you how to give your sidebar a little bit of love.

divi 3 sidebar tutorial

5 Fantastic Ways You Can Style Divi’s Testimonial Module

Give your testimonial modules a new look with these customisation tricks.

divi-3.0-theme-testimonial module

Divi 3.0 Developer Fikri Rasyid Shares His Story and Enthusiasm for Divi

A Divi Nation with Fikri Rasyid on the show to share his WordPress and development story as well as his enthusiasm for Divi 3.0.


Divi 3 sneak peak

Divi 3.0 Sneak Peek: The Very First Video Screencast Of The New Builder In Action

divi 3 vido demo from elegant themes

Free Divi Download: The New Multipurpose Wireframe Kit, Vol. 1

This one doesn’t look as instantly pretty as the other layout packs from Elegant Themes, but it certainly is hugely useful for creating your own designs based on solid building blocks. Live demo of the Wireframe Vol 1 layout pack here.

divi 3 wireframe layout pack download

15 Fun Divi Section Divider Styles

You may have seen these before in the various FB groups, but here is a simple walkthrough on creating various Divi section styles using custom CSS..

divi 3 section styles

Free Divi Download: Resume Pages Layout Pack

Create a CV/resume website in seconds with the Divi 3 resume layout pack.

divi-3.0-theme-resume layout pack

5 Unique Ways to Style Divi’s Contact Form Module

Give the default Divi contact form module a facelift with these 5 designs by Elegant Themes.

divi-3.0-theme-contact form module

5 Email Opt-in Designs You Can Create with Divi’s Email Opt-in Module

Give the default Divi email opt-in module a facelift with these 5 designs by Elegant Themes. You can see the live demos on the Divi layouts demo zone.

Divi 3 email sign up module

How to Create a Rollover Image Effect with HTML

A Divi Nation short from Mak showing us how to create an image rollover effect to add a little extra to images in Divi.


Announcing The Divi 3.0 Showcase Contest Winners

The community has spoken! After Elegant Themes selected 20 finalists in the 2016 Divi 3 showcase competition, these 3 winners were selected by the community. Check them out (and get a little jealous at the awesome prizes they were awarded!)

divi 3 showcase competition winners

Free Creative Single Page Portfolio Layout Pack

3x single page portfolio page layouts in this layout pack to help showcase a set of images on your page. View live demos at Divi Layout Demo Zone

divi-3.0-theme-day-58 homepage portfolio

How to Create a Responsive Image Grid with the Divi Page Builder and the Call to Action Module

A quick tip from Melissa Love of The Design Space with .JSON file for download if you don’t want to follow the tutorial. You can see a libe demo of the Call to action module grid here.

divi-3.0-theme-day-57 call to action ggrid

Free Divi Download: Homepage Portfolio Layout Pack

5 portfolio style home pages. They’re perfect for photographers, illustrators, or anyone else looking to put the focus on their body of creative work right away.

divi-3.0-portfolio layout pack

5 Useful Divi Global Modules & How to Build Them.

Here are some great tips for using the global feature in your Divi builder. For some extra power to the global module, use it with selective sync and really harness the power of the Divi builder!

divi-3.0- global modules in divi builder

The Best Free Divi Layout Packs From Around The Web

There are some great free Divi Theme layouts and Et have picked 5 of the best. Thanks for including Two Cafe from Divi Theme Examples in the list 🙂

divi-3.0-best divi layout packs

Developer Slava Myznikov on Divi 3.0, Improving Your Dev Skills, and Much More–The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 27

“Slava’s story is a great one. Our conversation gives you a great glimpse at the type of genuine and hard-working person he is. He’s seen a lot here at Elegant Themes–starting in the support forums, moving up to bug fixes, and finally joining the core development team. “


20 Beautiful Divi Websites Battle It Out. Cast Your Vote And Help Us Crown This Year’s Winners!

It’s that time of year again when Elegant Themes give away some awesome prizes for the very best Divi Theme examples. They have received 2300+ entries and have narrowed the numbers down to 20. Now you get to decide who wins, so get voting 🙂

divi-3.0-theme-showcase competition

Free Divi Download: The Divi Header UI Kit

A layout pack that includes 10 different headers made from Divi Builder sections. You can see these layouts live in action on the Divi Layout Demo Zone site.

divi-3.0-Divi header layout pack

5 Ways to Get Creative with Divi Image Asset Preparation in Photoshop.

Photoshop is a hugely powerful tool for creating graphics for your Divi website and this post gives you a few great tips on getting the best images possible. That salad parallax effect looks pretty cool…perhaps a layout to come?!

divi-3.0- using photoshop with Divi theme

Free Divi Download: The Profile Pages Layout Pack

Showcase your teams profiles with these 8 profile sections available to download for free at Elegant Themes. See these layouts live in action on the Divi demo zone site.

divi-3.0-layout pack for profiles

10 Outstanding Business Websites Built Using Divi

A few nice examples in this list, but also a couple that (from the comments on the blog) people think could be improved. You can see many more business website examples at Divi Theme Examples showcase.

divi-3.0-theme 48 business examples

How to Use Divi’s Predefined Layouts to Their Full Potential: 3 Step-by-Step Examples.

Divi premade layouts are a great starting point for creating your website and this post walks you through how to use them. You can also get some tips for this process from DIY with Divi. You can also view all the Divi Theme pre-made layouts live here.

divi-3.0- premade layouts

The Divi Nation Reacts to Divi 3.0, WordCamp Orange County, & Meeting In Person For The First Time – Divi Nation Short

Looks like fun was had by all and something I would love to be able to attend next year 🙂

divi-3.0-theme-day- wordcamp OC

Enter The 2016 Divi Showcase Contest For A Chance To Win From $17,782 In Prizes!

3 winners will be getting lots of awesome prizes, so get your best Divi websites out and enter the 2016 showcase cometition. For some inspiration why not check out the best Divi theme examples from year 1 of Divi Theme Example (or year 2 best examples so far)

divi-3.0-theme-showcase competition

Download The Free Divi Custom Button Module Design Kit.

Get over 50 different button styles that you can save to your Divi Library and use over and over again. See this live in action on the Divi demo zone site.

divi buttons free layout pack download

Uncommonly Good Community: Divi Nation at WordCamp Orange County 2016

#diviwcoc2016 looks like it was great fun for those who made the trip to the OC and something i’m sure many more will be attending next year. I particularly like the photo of Nick Roach giving the Divi crew a sneak peak at Divi 3.0 which must have been quite an inspiring moment for those stood around that laptop.

wordcamp 2016  #diviwcoc2016

Download The Free Divi Contact Pages Layout Pack.

All to often the contact page is added as somewhat of an afterthought without the attention to detail it deserves. Use this free layout pack from Elegant themes to give it that little bit of extra love it needs.

divi 3.0 divi contact form layout pack

5 Stunning Divi Site Makeovers And What Makes Them Super Effective

Being able to look back and see what a disaster a site was before you worked your Divi magic on it must be immensely satisfying! Here are 5 great examples of what is possible.

divi-3.0-makeover examples with divi theme

5 Ways to Get Creative with Divi’s Person Module

Spice up your persons module with these CSS customisations. You can preview what this person module layout looks like on a live site here, and if you are feeling a little lazy you can download the layout file here.

customize Divi Theme person module

Lead Designer Mario Maruffi on Divi 3.0, Design Theory, and Much More – The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 26

“In this episode of Divi Nation Mario Maruffi shares a lot of fantastic information about himself, digital design, the design process at Elegant Themes and the features of Divi 3.0 that he’s most excited to get into the hands of the Divi Community.”


Divi 3.0 Sneak Peek: A Look At Divi’s Upcoming Inline Editing Capabilities

Divi 3.0 is going to be awesome, but don’t just take my word for it, have a look for yourself!


Free Divi Split Screen Layout Kit.

Split screen layouts seem to be quite popular lately, so get yourself up and running with these split screen layouts in minutes. I have also added this Layout pack Live demo to the DTE demo zone .

divi 3.0 elegant theme split screen layout pack

6 Steps to a Seamlessly Responsive Website with Divi

Melissa Love from The Design Space walks us through her process of creating a responsive website with Divi. Get some great tips from someone who is inconstantly producing excellent Divi sites.

Divi 3.0 tutorials

Free Divi Article Layout & Customizer Settings: Improve Site-wide Settings In A Single Click.

A nice article layout to download and use on your Divi site along with a customizer settings file that will improve the visual appeal of all your posts and pages, site-wide.

divi 3.0 article layout

5 Ways The Divi Library Can Make Your Life Easier

The Divi library is a hugely powerful tool when used to it’s full potential, so take a look at this post from ET and see if there is more that the Divi library can be doing for you! If you are looking for Divi layouts, we have all Divi Theme layouts listed on DTE to help you find your layouts in no time. .


10 of the Best Divi Child Themes for Businesses

A selection of Divi child themes for business. You can view all 65 Divi child themes on Divi Theme Examples


How to Add Icons to the Divi Menu – Divi Nation Short

“In this episode of Divi Nation our new Divi video tutorial specialist Augustine Mak shows you how you can add icons to Divi’s menus. This simple menu hack can be used in a number of creative ways to improve the appearance and user experience of your Divi website’s header/menu section. Enjoy!”

Divi 3.0 divi nation short day 32

Divi 3.0 Survey Results are in.

See how others responded to the Divi 3.0 survey from Elegant themes and pick up a few clues as to where the future of Divi may be!


The Free Divi FAQ Layout Pack makes F.A.Q’s less boring.

Frequesntly Asked Questions pages are really useful for your users, but can also be a bit boring. Use these free layouts from Elegant themes and get a great looking F.A.Q. page in seconds.

You can view the live demo of these layouts (and many more) at the Divi layouts demo zone on Divi Theme Examples.

divi 3.0 FAQ layouts pack

Free Divi Extension: Alternate Back To Top Button Styles & Animations

Give the Divi Back To Top button a little love with this free plugin from Elegant themes. Easy to use and gives some neat customisation options that will add a touch extra detail to your Divi site.

divi back to top plugin day 29

Free Divi Footer Layout Pack: 10 Unique Footer Designs to Give Your Site a Leg Up

Don’t forget your footer! Often left as an afterthought, this is an important piece of your page that can mean many extra inquiries from potential customers when done right. Here are a few free layouts from Elegant Themes that can help secure a few more emails from soon to be clients.

You can view the live demo of these layouts (and many more) at the Divi layouts demo zone on Divi Theme Examples.

divi 3.0 footer layouts pack

Divi Agency Showcase: 14 Freelancers and Web Design Studios Powered by Divi

We have a lot of agencies and freelancers using Divi as a go-to theme for client sites and this post highlights 14 of the best. To view more web design agencies and freelancers using Divi for their work you can check out the web design tag on Divi Theme Examples, where we currently have 135 live examples.


Divi Library: Exploring the Possibilities of Divi Library’s Selective Sync

Selective Sync in the Divi library is a hugely useful tool once you know how to make it work for you. It allows you to save sections, rows and modules, but, only certain elements will be global, allowing you to customise the rest of the settings to make each one unique. You can also take a look at my video guide to selective sync in the Divi library from back in February.


Developer Thierry Muller on Creating Divi 3.0, Quality Code, and WordPress Community – The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 25

“In this episode of Divi Nation we begin a series of internal interviews with the Elegant Themes Design and Development team. During the Divi 100 Marathon, as we count down to the release of Divi 3.0, we thought it would be a great time for the community to meet the people responsible for creating the theme we all use and love.”

Divi 3.0 divi nation short day 25

Take The Divi Survey And Help Us Make Divi 3.0 Even Better

Have your say and help make the future of the Divi Theme as amazing as possible. As any great business should, Elegant Themes are reaching out to their customers for feedback. Let them know what you like, what you dislike and what you want to see in the future so they can build the best Divi Theme possible 🙂


Free Divi Feature List Layout Pack

What do you have to offer? Tell your potential clients in a clear way the main features of your business/product/service with these 11 features sections.

You can view the live demo of these layouts (and many more) at the Divi layouts demo zone on Divi Theme Examples.


5 Creative Ways to Use Divi’s Built-In Margin and Gutter Controls

A few tips of the tips here show how some of those cool layouts you see on the ET demo sites are created. #4 with the overlapping text is a personal favourite.

You can see a live demo here and download the free layout file here.

divi-3.0-theme-day-22 Divi gutters and padding

Free Divi Blog Post Layout Pack Will Take Your Builder Powered Articles To The Next Level

Give your blog posts an instant hit of cool with this free layout pack for Divi. Just doqnload the file, upload to your Divi library and load into your blog posts. A fast and easy way to get beautiful looking blog post layouts for your Divi site. Thanks Elegant themes! .

You can view the live demo of these layouts (and many more) at the Divi layouts demo zone on Divi Theme Examples.
Divi blog Demo layout #1
Divi blog Demo layout #2
Divi blog Demo layout #3

divi-3.0-theme-day-21 divi layout pack

5 Pricing Best Practices You Should Be Using with Divi’s Pricing Table Module

Five quick tips to help make your Divi pricing module look and work better. Tips like these may not be a wow as a fancy layout pack or entertaining as a Divi Nation episode, but it’s small improvements like these that can turn your website from something that just looks nice to one that actually works! If you don’t believe the hype, give it a try and track the results using Divi Leads split testing.


How to Add More Social Media Icons to Divi

If you need to add a social icon into your header/footer that is not one of the defaults added in Divi, you can use this quick guide to get more added. It requires a Divi child theme, but it’s a very easy guide to follow, so give it a try.


How to Hide the Divi Logo on a Single Page – Divi Nation Short

A Divi Nation short today showing how to hide the logo on selected pages. Quick and easy.

Divi 3.0 divi nation short day 18

Divi 3.0 Sneak Peek: A Glimpse At The New Visual Editing Experience

With all the great gifts Elegant Themes has been giving us so far in the Divi 3.0 100 day countdown, it’s easy to forget about the real gift that is coming in 93 days! Divi 3.0 is well under way and Nick Roach gives us the 1st of the sneak peek updates and it certainly is looking quite amazing already!


The Free Divi Testimonials Layout Kit: Includes 11 Beautiful Testimonial Sections

Client testimonials are something you should be collecting and adding on your website so potential clients/customers can be reassured you have existing (and happy) customers. This Divi testimonial layout pack makes it easy to make your testimonials look good on your site too.

View the testimonial layout pack demo here.

divi-3.0-theme-day-16 divi layout pack

Free Divi Custom Login Page Extension Allows You to Easily Create a Beautiful Login Experience for Site Visitors

Say goodbuy to the boring WordPress login screen with this cool extension plugin from ET. Pimp out your login screen and start your WP dashboard session with something inspiring!


Free Divi Photo Gallery Layout Pack: 5 Stunning Gallery Page Layouts in One Convenient Download

Galleries are a key part of a lot of websites and these 5 layouts will get your images looking damn fine in no time.

Photo gallery Layout pack Demo #1
Photo gallery Layout pack Demo #2
Photo gallery Layout pack Demo #3
Photo gallery Layout pack Demo #4
Photo gallery Layout pack Demo #5

divi l;ayout pacj divi 3.0 #14

10 Divi Blogs You Should Be Reading

We all know you should be reading Divi Theme Examples, but there are 9 other great Divi blogs out there you need on your speed-dial list. Check them out here.

divi theme example and other blogs

10 Premium Divi Child Themes for One Page Websites

We now have a great collection of Divi Child themes created by 3rd party developers and you can see these 10 selected along with ALL the others available over on the Divi child theme page.


Establishing a Workflow for Distributed Design Teams with Cory Jenkins – The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 24

Day #11 brings us another Divi Nation Podcast episode from Nathan B Weller. Cory Jenkins from Aspen Grove Studios gives some great tips on how their agency manage their workflow and and the tools that help then in the process.

Divi nation podcasts on elegant themes

5 High Conversion Landing Pages Built Using Divi

Need a highly effective landing page? Take a look at these 5 examples in day #10s post.


Free Divi Font Combination Layout Pack: 1 Beautiful Layout Design, 10 Ideal Font Pairings

Check out the live Divi layout demos below;
Day#9 #1
Day#9 #2
Day#9 #3
Day#9 #4
Day#9 #5
Day#9 #6
Day#9 #7
Day#9 #8
Day#9 #9
Day#9 #10


Free Divi Header Extension Provides 20 New Hamburger Menu Styles

The Divi Hamburger Menu Styles Extension plugin adds 20 new hamburger menu styling options to Divi’s Fullscreen and Slide-in Header Formats. Another frequently requested feature request gets answered by ET 🙂


Free Divi Layout Pack For Modern Homepages & Single Page Websites

Another awesome Divi layout pack from Elegant themes today, which includes 3 homepage layouts.

Layout #1 – A Homepage For Enterprise Businesses – See Layout Demo here

Layout #2 – A Homepage For Design Agencies – See Layout Demo here

Layout #3 – A Homepage For Local/Lifestyle Businesses – See Layout Demo here


10 Awesome Divi Sites That You Would Never Recognize, and What Makes Them Unique

As you may have seen in the “is it Divi?” category on DTE the Divi Theme is highly flexible and can be used to create some really non-Divi looking websites. Check out these 10 examples.


5 Divi Facebook Groups You Need To Join Right Now!

Divi has some awesome Facebook Groups that are a great resource for information, problem solving and general Divi and web design discussion. Many talented people in the various groups and Elegant Themes have singled out the 5 ones you need to join right now!


How to Add the Divi Builder to Custom Post Types and Third Party Plugins – Divi Nation Short

As you may expect, this Divi Nation Podcast Short episode from Nathan B Weller shows you how you can activate the Divi Builder on custom post types and 3rd party plugins. This is something that is regularly asked for and as usual Elegant Themes have been listening to what their customers want…


Free Divi Blog Extension plugin Gives The Divi Blog Module A Brand New Look

There have been a lot of requests in the Divi community and Divi Facebook groups for more options in the blog layout and today, day 3 of the Divi 3 countdown, we have The Article Cards extension plugin. Just download the plugin file, upload via your WP dashboard and you can activate this cool effect with the click of a button. Easy… and awesome!!


The Ultimate & Free Divi Landing Page Layout Kit

This Divi layout pack allows you to mix & match pre-made Divi sections to create a huge number of designs for a landing page that rocks, and has a dose of Elegant Themes style too. A huge time saver to start the 100 days to Divi waiting game and if this is the sort of stuff we are in for over the next few months then we are going to be very happy Elegant Themes members. Good job Mario 🙂 You can preview a live demo of the Divi landing page library pack here, or go straight to the download page via the link below.


The 100 Days countdown to Divi 3.0 is announced by Nick Roach 🙂

Nobody likes waiting, but great things (Divi 3.0) take time. 100 days in fact! But with the 100 days countdown waiting is going to be fun as Elegant Themes have promised 100 days of Divi resources and freebies. And at the end we get Divi 3.0 too! Exciting times ahead for anyone who has an Elegant themes membership.


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