There is an ever-growing number of Divi developers creating 3rd party layouts, child themes, and plugins.

Many now offer a payment plan that gives you access to all of their products via monthly, annual, or lifetime membership plans.

This article lists 7 of the best Divi membership plans available to those of you who need access to multiple, high-quality child themes, plugins, layouts other web design resources for Divi.

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1. Elegant Themes membership

Elegant Themes membership

Cost: $89 per year or $249 for lifetime
Child Themes:
Plugins: 3
Layouts: 1260
Extras: Divi Theme + Extra Theme

The most obvious and best value of all Divi membership plans is from the creators of Divi at Elegant Themes!

The Elegant Themes membership includes the flagship Divi and Extra WordPress Themes and the Divi Builder, Monarch, and Bloom plugins.

Elegant Themes membership costs $89 per year or $249 for a lifetime membership and allows unlimited use of all Elegant Themes products on as many sites as you like, which is an amazing value.

You can find Elegant Themes discounts on, which will get you a 20% discount on the Elegant Themes membership prices.

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2. Divi Engine Membership

Divi engine membership plans

Cost: $145 per year or $525 for lifetime
Child Themes:
Plugins: 6

Divi Engine has an annual and lifetime membership offer for their collection of 6 Divi plugins which will save you 55-64% off the full price of plugins.

Divi Engine gained popularity for its Divi Nitro plugin which was created to speed up the loading time of Divi websites. They now have a range of plugins available to help with creating a more functional and robust Divi website.

The plugins currently available from Divi Engine include; Divi BodyCommerce, Divi Machine, Divi Mobile, Divi Nitro, Divi Mega Menu, and Divi Protect.

The annual membership plan costs £115 (~$145) and the lifetime membership costs £420 (~$525)

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3. Divi Supreme membership

Divi Supreme membership

Cost: $40 per year (30% renewal discount) or $199 for lifetime
Child Themes:
Plugins: 1

Whilst the Divi Supreme is only a single plugin, it includes a growing number of individual Divi modules within it. Currently, there are 42 modules and 6 extensions available.

Pricing for Divi Supreme is available for a single site at $40 annually, for unlimited sites at $79 annually or as a lifetime membership at $199.

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4. Divi Extended Club

divi extended club

Cost: $199.00 per year (50% renewal discount) or $399 for lifetime
Child Themes: 14
Plugins: 7
Layouts: 5

Get annual or lifetime access to the extended range of Divi plugins from Divi Extended including Divi Blog Extras, Divi Blurb Extended, and Divi Post Extended. You also get access to all premium Divi child themes and layout in their store too. The annual plan comes with a 50% renewal discount.

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5. Superflyer at Be Superfly

superflyer be superfly

Cost: $29 per month or $228 per year
Child Themes: 12
Plugins: 7
Layouts: 2
Extras: Courses + Facebook Group

BeSuperfly has been producing great quality Divi products since the beginning of time, and now you can become a Superflyer and get access to everything in the Superfly store valued at over $1700. With a Super Theme costing $195 and membership to get that and many other products at just $228 a year, the choice seems easy. The 4 Super Themes come with a drag-and-drop layout builder so you can easily create your own page layouts from the elements within the themes.

The membership is available as a monthly or annual plan but there is no lifetime option.

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6. Divi Monk membership

Divi Monk membership plan

Cost: $99 per year (3015 renewal discount) or $299 for lifetime
Child Themes:
Plugins: 1
Layouts: 250+

Divi Monk offers an annual or lifetime membership access to their collection of 250 Div layout pages, sections, and modules.

Layouts are accessed via the Divi Monk Templates plugin Plugin which links you to their cloud-based library of Divi layouts so you can search, browse, and load into your pages from the Divi Library or WordPress dashboard.

Pricing is either annually at $99 per year (with a 30% renewal discount) or $299 for a lifetime membership. The lifetime option also includes access to the white labeling option so you can hide the Divi Monk branding and add your own.

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7. Brand Elemental membership

Brand Elemental membership plans

Cost: $125 per year or $225 for lifetime
Child Themes: 11
Plugins: –
Layouts: 1
Extras – Divi Tutorials, Checklists & Cheatsheets

Brand Elemental offers membership options to access their Divi child themes as either an annual plan for $125 or a lifetime plan for $225. There are currently 12 child theme packages available from their store along with 1 layout pack.

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8. Divi Den Pro at Divi Den

wp den layouts for members

Cost: from €12 ($13.5) per month or €49 ($55) per year for single-site use
Child Themes: 0
Plugins: 1
Layouts: 1500+
Extras: Hide Elegant Themes layouts + 654 PSDs + Divi Den Theme Builder

Divi Den offers high-quality premium Divi layouts in the Divi Den membership plan at an affordable monthly or annual price. The Divi Den Pro membership is available on a linked website called WP Den.

Layouts are accessed via the Divi Den Pro Plugin which links you to their cloud-based library of Divi layouts, modules, design assets, business tools, and tutorials. This means the layouts are right there within your Divi Builder ready to search, browse, and load into your pages.

There are pricing options for monthly and annual access and membership can be canceled at any time. You can choose between a single site license for €12 per month or €49 per year, 5 site licenses for €14 per month or €120 per year or unlimited site licenses for €21 per month or €189 per year

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9. Mark Hendriksen free membership

Mark Hendriksen free membership

Cost: free
Child Themes: –
Plugins: –
Layouts: -12
Extras – Divi Tutorials, Checklists & 
Cheat sheets

There is no store membership for Mark Hendriksen products yet, but he does have a free membership that gets you access to a number of free Divi layouts and tutorials.

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Are these membership for you?

If you are a Divi DIY’er looking to create a single website for yourself, then Divi membership plans are not for you and you should just pay-as-you-go for your Divi products.

If you are a web designer regularly creating websites for clients or an individual creating multiple websites for your own needs, then signing up for a  3rd party Divi membership plan that gives you access to multiple Divi child themes, layouts, plugins and more may be just the thing you are looking for to save both time & money.

I would assume that most of you reading this would be a member of Elegant Themes, but how many of you have joined these 3rd party Divi membership plans?

Did you use as many of the Divi products, and get as much value, as you thought you would?

Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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