The Extra WordPress theme was released by Elegant Themes back in December 2015 and is a theme designed specifically for bloggers and news sites.

The Extra theme is included in the Elagant Themes membership along with the flagship Divi theme, and the Monarch, Bloom, and Divi Builder plugins.

The Extra Theme offers a number of extra features over the (way more popular) Divi Theme, which makes it easy to manage content for anything from personal travel blogs to large news sites.

Extra Theme Vs. Divi Theme

In comparison to Divi, Extra is a lot less popular with PublicWWW data suggesting at least 60 times as many live websites are built using Divi than extra. The number of 3rd party developers creating products for Extra is also considerably less than for Divi. Aspen Grove Studios has an Extra child theme and there are a few other products out there that work on both Divi and Extra, but in reality, there are really very few options for Extra.

The difference between Divi and Extra as described on the Elegant Themes site is that “Divi’s primary focus is on the page, Extra’s focus is on the post feed“. Extra does come with extra features not available in Divi by default such as the category builder and various post options that are aimed at making the creation and display of your blog posts and news items much easier.

Most people default to using Divi as it Elegant Themes main theme and has a very solid community for support and 3rd party products, but If the Extra Theme design and functionality out-of-the-box meet your needs for a blogging or news site then it may be worth exploring more.

Take a look at some of the live Extra Theme examples below and see what it can create. This post was updated from the original publish date on Mar 29, 2016

1. Extra Theme Demo site

extra theme demo

This is 1-of-3 of the live Extra Theme demos on the Elegant Themes website and shows you how the theme will look like once set up with your own content.

View Website

2. Ballymena Today

extra theme news example

Ballymena Today is a local news and community resource for the Ballymena town and borough.

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3. Bayley Bulletin

extra theme website

The Bayley Bulletin is a community blog website for Seton School.

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4. Twin Mania

parenting blog example

Twin Mania is a parenting blog covering life with twins.

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5. The 36th Avenue

extra theme food & craft blog

The 36th Avenue is a recipe, DIY and crafting blog.

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6. The Podcast Host

extra theme for podcasting

The Podcasting Host is a podcasting blog and resources site that aims to help its users to launch and grow their own podcasts.

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7. Tale Of 2 Backpackers

travel blog using extra theme

The Tale Of 2 Backpackers is a travel blog following a husband-and-wife couples journey around India and the world.

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8. Furni

furniture store website example

Furni is a furniture and home accessories store that shows Extra isn’t just for bloggers and news sites!

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9. Andrew Uncharted

travel blog built with extra

Andrew Uncharted is a travel and photography blog that follows this photographer around the world.

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10. Vege Angel

vege angel website

Vege Angel is a bilingual (English and Chinese) food blogging site with vegetarian recipes.

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