Divi is awesome but these plugins make it more awesome.

Divi is a full featured, best selling WordPress Theme from Elegant Themes and includes a huge range of features and options that are being improved and updated constantly. But, no theme can offer every option every user may need without becoming bloated and overly complicated.

You can use custom css, php or jQuery to add functionality and effects to your site, but if you don”t have the time, skills, or inclination to learn how to implement them, then 3rd party plugins can help bridge the gap. These 3rd party Divi plugins can be used to add this extra functionality for specific areas and extend your Divi website without the need to hand code anything yourself.

The Divi plugin market has grown considerably in the past few years since the release of Divi Booster back in 2015 and we now have several established businesses who are producing quality 3rd party Divi plugins. 

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Check out some of the most popular plugins below.

divi booster divi plugin

Divi Booster Plugin

The 1st and still one of the most popular plugins for Divi, Divi booster from Dan Mossop allows you to quickly add various customizations, fixes and effects without any coding knowledge. It comes  with automatic updates. unlimited installs, no recurring fees and a 365 day money back guarantee!

✪ Review on Elegant Themes Blog: Divi Plugin Highlight: Divi Booster

From the developer;

  • Divi Booster adds 100s of new configuration options to Divi – Want to change the height of your slider? Or stop the header from shrinking? Or change the look of just one page? It’s all in there. I’m constantly adding new options and with free updates for life you’ll get them as soon as they’re ready. I even take requests – just let me know what you’d like to see added in the comments.
  • Divi Booster is incredibly easy to use – The majority of the tips can be turned on and off just by ticking a box. And as it’s a plugin, you don’t need to know about implementing child themes. But it’s also fully compatible with child themes if you are using one.
  • Divi Booster is fast – Plugins get a bad rap for slowing your site down. But that’s only true if the plugin is poorly written. Divi booster pre-compiles and minifies the CSS and JavaScript code it generates when you save the configuration, not when your user visits your site. This means that it loads as fast, or faster, than the equivalent code placed in a child theme.

Price: $19 lifetime | Divi Booster

image intense plugin for divi theme

Image Intense Plugin

Image Intense plugin for Divi comes with 22 overlay and hover effects various image, text and button options to bring your images to life without having to code yourself.

✪ Review on Elegant Themes Blog: Divi Plugin Highlight – Image Intense

From the developer;

“you have the power to bring “above and beyond” life to your website with one of 22 different image hover transitions, mix blend modes, buttons, opacity settings and several other great features. Use it to entice increased user interaction or motivate with call-to-action elements on a basic e-commerce site that will drive visitors to purchase!.”

Price: $25 1 live + 1 dev site|Be Superfly

divi builder plugin

Divi Builder Plugin

The Divi builder plugin allows you to take the power of Divi and use it on any other WordPress Theme and is an official plugin from Elegant Themes.

** If you are using Divi or Extra you DO NOT need to also install this plugin

“The Divi Builder is a complete Drag & Drop page builder. Everything on your page can be arranged visually using the easy-to-use builder interface. Simply add new content blocks, arrange them in your desired order. No coding required!.”

Price: $0 with Elegant Themes membership |Elegant Themes

divi full width header plugin

Custom Full Width Header Extended Plugin

The Divi Fullwidth Header Extended plugin for Divi adds a suite of header customizations that helps you add various dynamic text effects, image effects, background animations and more to your full width header module.

✪ Review on Elegant Themes Blog: Divi Plugin Highlight – The FullWidth Header Extended Module

From the developer;

“Divi Fullwidth Header Extended module brings you 5 title text effects to play around with. You can choose to have purely typing, rotator, textillate, TextGIF, shuffle effect or some static text in front while typing/rotator effect following after it at the same time.

Use a Fancy Line to bring attention to your title. Toggle the line on top or bottom of the title, change the color and alignment, have fun and see what works best for you. You can also easily add a sub-header and toggle it to be above or below the header title.

Divi Fullwidth Header Extended module also provides you the capability to animate your background with the latest particles effect, background gradient or an animated gradient effect. It’s up to your creativity.”

Price: $25 annual | Divi Web Design

divi switch plugin

Divi Switch Plugin

Divi Switch from SJ James over at Divi Space is a multi-feature plugin that allows you to add various customizations to your Divi site using combinations of 50 plugin switches. $19 is an annual license fee for 1 site, with an unlimited lifetime licence costing $139.

✪ Review on Elegant Themes Blog: Divi Plugin Highlight – Divi Switch

From the developer;

“Where a simple site edit would have taken a user a considerable amount of time to research and execute, Divi Switch lets Divi users of all skill levels bypass laborious and time-consuming code work with one nifty plugin. With over 50 available switches, each of which can quickly be enabled or disabled in hundreds of different combinations, Divi Switch allows you to make powerful visual and form changes that customize your Divi website in a matter of seconds.”

Price: $19 annual | Divi Switch

divi bars plugin

Divi Bars Plugin

The Divi Bars plugin for Divi allows you to add promo and notification bars using the Divi builder. Divi Bars comes with options for fixed or floating, trigger options that allow you to activate the bar on load, scroll or exit intent and other various customiszation options.

✪ Review on Elegant Themes Blog: Divi Plugin Highlight: Divi Bars

From the developer;

“Divi Bars lets you create gorgeous slide-in promo bars, notification bars, optin bars, and so much more; using the power and flexibility of the Divi Builder!


Promote any content, any time, and on any page of your website. Break away from the typical stale promo bars your visitors are used to seeing, and instead unleash your creativity with Divi Bars; and insert anything you can imagine via the Divi Builder.”

Price: $15 annual|Divi Life

divi nitro plugin

Divi Nitro

The Divi Nitro plugin is designed to speed up your Divi website by defering image load and script minification and combination. I am using this plugin on Divi Theme Examples and saw an increase in page speed on top of that already achieved via these tips to speed up my Divi site.

From the developer;

“Divi Nitro is a Divi theme specific speed optimisation framework.

Divi Nitro is designed to boost your page loading speed which helps improve SEO and most importantly the visitor’s user experience.

We promise to never deliver a half-arsed product”

Price: £5 lifetime|Divi Engine

Looking for more Divi plugins?

If you are looking for a full list of plugins available for the Divi Theme then check out our Divi plugins page where we have over 100 plugins for Divi listed.

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