One of the ways to protect your site from content theft is by adding a copyright notice on the footer, but you need to make sure that it’s up-to-date and shows the current year.

For some of us who own multiple websites, remembering to update the Divi footer copyright notice yearly becomes a bit annoying. Thankfully with Divi, you can add auto-updating footer copyright, without using any code.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you a step-by-step guide on how to use Divi’s dynamic content feature to create a copyright text that automatically updates with the current year. I’ll also show you how you can make the copyright area more portable by adding an auto-updating site title functionality. This will allow you to export the footer as a template and use it on your other sites.

So without further ado, let’s get started:

How to add auto-updating footer copyright using Dynamic Content

Step 1: Add a Text Module

First things first, go to your page or Divi Theme template where you want to add the auto-updating footer copyright. Open it using the Divi Builder and then add a text module.

Add Divi Text Module

Add Divi Text Module

Step 2: Click on “Use Dynamic Content” and select “Current Date”

Now, go into the “Text Module settings.” Inside, hover your mouse over the Body area that displays the written text. Click on it, and then select “Current Date” from the list of available options.

A new pop-up window will appear asking you to enter the “After” and “Before” text.

Insert the line “Copyright ©” in the “Before” text field if you want the notification to appear like this – Copyright © 2021.

Note: If you don’t know how to get the Copyright logo, just copy and paste it from this article.

Once done, go to the “Date Format” section and select “Custom.” Now, enter “Y” (remember to write in caps) in the Custom Date Format field.

Now, just hit the “green tick” to confirm your selections and that’s it! You now have an auto-updating footer copyright notice that’ll always showcase the current year.

Insert auto-updating footer copyright

Insert auto-updating footer copyright

How to dynamically show the Site Title along with the copyright text?

If you want to set up a template with the auto-updating footer copyright then you might also want a dynamically updating Site Title. That way, all you need to do is import the template to your different websites, or even your client websites, and it will automatically show the client’s site title.

Step 1: Add a new Text Module and add the Site Title dynamic content

Add a new text module right below the previous one.

Now, similar to before, click on the “Use Dynamic Content” button. But this time, select “Site Title” from the list of options.

Add auto-updating site title

Add auto-updating site title

As you can see, you now have an automatically updating site title. However, it appears below the copyright notice. So how to make both texts appear side by side?

Note: The “Site Title” is not your domain name. The “Site Title” is the name of your website that you gave by heading over to your WordPress Dashboard> Settings > General> Site Title. If you ever wish to change your “Site Title” you can visit the above settings area and change it.

Step 2: Make the copyright text and site title appear in the same line

As of now, there are no features in Divi that allow you to use 2 dynamic content side by side. However, you can easily do this by adding a few lines of CSS. And no need to worry, cause we have the code snippet ready for you:

.dvt-inline-module .et_pb_text {
display: inline-block!important;

Just copy the above CSS code snippet.

Now, inside the Divi Builder, click the “three-dot” button at the bottom. Next, click on the gear icon to open the page settings. Go into the “Advanced” tab. Now, under the Custom CSS field, paste the above code.

Add Custom CSS to Page Settings

Add Custom CSS to Page Settings

Once done, click the “green tick” to save and exit the Page Settings.

Now, select the “Row” containing both text modules and open the Row settings. For those who are confused, this is the green area in the Divi builder.

Open row settings

Open row settings

In the row settings, move to the “Advanced” tab. Now expand the “CSS ID & Classes” section, and enter “dvt-inline-module” (this is the CSS class we defined in the above CSS code snippet) in the CSS Class field.

As soon as you enter the CSS Class, you should see the text module update and both the texts – copyright notice and the site title, appearing side by side.

Add the CSS Class to the Row settings

Add the CSS Class to the Row settings

Once done, click on the “green tick” to save and exit.

Step 3: Add spacing between the two text modules

As you might have noticed, both text modules appear too close to one another without much spacing.

To change this, open the settings for the first text module – in our case, this will be the copyright notice. Now, go into the “Design” tab, and from there, head over to the “Spacing” section.

Set 5px as the “right-margin”.

Add spacing between two text modules

Add spacing between two text modules

Note: You are free to experiment with the number till you find a proper spacing between the two modules that you are satisfied with.

Once done, hit the “green tick” button and that’s it!

You have successfully added auto-updating footer copyright for your Divi website.

Wrapping Up

So this is how you can add auto-updating footer copyright on your Divi website. Hope you found this guide useful and that it offered some level of convenience in managing and maintaining your website.

As you can see, the entire process is pretty simple and straightforward. However, if you find yourself stuck, or if you are having some issues with the CSS code snippet we shared, then feel free to write us a comment. We’ll try our best to answer your questions and resolve your problems asap.

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