Grey (google) maps look cool, so here is the custom CSS code you need to add to your ePanel, or Divi Child theme to turn off the colour on your Divi map module.

.et_pb_map_container { 
    filter: url("data:image/svg+xml;utf8,<svg xmlns=''><filter id='grayscale'><feColorMatrix type='matrix' values='0.3333 0.3333 0.3333 0 0 0.3333 0.3333 0.3333 0 0 0.3333 0.3333 0.3333 0 0 0 0 0 1 0'/></filter></svg>#grayscale"); 
    filter: grayscale(100%);
    -moz-filter: grayscale(100%);
    -ms-filter: grayscale(100%);
    -o-filter: grayscale(100%);
    filter: gray; /* IE6-9 */
    -webkit-filter: grayscale(100%);

This code was written by Dan Mossop, who created the Divi Booster plugin, which adds 50+ customisation options to your Divi theme, so if you want to save some dev time check out his plugin.


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