Need more fonts than Divi comes with as default?

There are 92 Divi fonts as that come packaged with Divi which offers a pretty good amount of font choice, but sometimes we need something a little different. The good news is, that it’s not too hard to add extra fonts to your Divi Theme. Follow the instructions below for either adding Google fonts or non-Google fonts and the (font) sky is the limit.

Adding Google fonts to your Divi Theme: A few options;

Option 1- Plugins (fonts not shown in Divi builder dropdowns)

It is best to keep the number of plugins used on your site to a minimum, but if you want a very quick solution for adding Google fonts you can use a plugin to do the (not really that) hard work. WP Google fonts and Easy Google Fonts are both free, quick and easy to set up.

Below is a quick tutorial on how to add Google fonts to Divi using the Easy Google Fonts plugin.

Option 2- Divi Options (fonts not shown in Divi builder dropdowns)

If you are happy to just have the Google font added and call them via CSS, but not be available in your Divi builder font dropdown then you can follow the following video tutorial below;

Option 3 – functions.php (fonts shown in Divi builder dropdowns)

More technical, but if you want your Google font to be available in your Divi builder font dropdown then you will need to add a child theme and then add some extra code into the functions.php file. See Add a Google font to your Divi Builder font dropdowns for video instructions.

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