If you want to add an image overlay to an image on hover like in the Divi showcase screenshots that shows the red corner triangle, then you can add the following custom CSS into your Divi child theme CSS file o into the Divi options panels custom CSS box. Then attach the star class to the blurb module you want the effect to appear on. The following code targets the image in a blurb module, so you will need to change the bit after .star if you are targeting an image elsewhere.

.star .et_pb_main_blurb_image:hover:before {
content: url(http://www.divithemeexamples.com/wpcontent/uploads/2014/11/morestar.png);
position: absolute;
fontfamily: ‘ETmodules’;
opacity: 0.8;
top: 0px;
right: 0px;


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