A free blank starter child theme for Divi

Blank Divi child theme for Divi theme customisation

Bare Bones is exactly that. A blank Divi child theme you can upload and activate on your WordPress website.

When you activate it, nothing will happen to your site as there is no custom CSS in the style.css file and no core files added.

It is a blank canvas for you to make edits to your Divi website without the worry that your edits will be lost when you update the master Divi theme. If you want to edit any of your themes php files you just copy them over to the child theme and make the edits, which will then override the master Divi files.

If you are still not sure what a Divi child theme is for, you can learn more at Divi child themes: What, why and how?

Bare Bones Divi child theme

To use these child themes below you will need to;

1.Install the Divi parent theme by Elegant Themes.

2.Then install and activate the child theme.

The child theme zip contains 3 files.

1.A style.css file which is where you add your own custom CSS to style your Divi theme.

2. A screenshot.png which shows up in your themes section so it looks nice.

3. A functions.php file that is used to link your child theme to your master Divi theme (this replaces the older version that was linking via the @import code in style.css which is now not the recommended way.


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