Do you want to use a Divi course to learn how to use the theme like a pro?

Is divi hard to learn? No, Divi is not hard to learn, but an online course can help speed up the process.

Whether you choose a free, or premium Divi course there are Divi training courses for Divi beginners right up to advanced 3rd party Divi product developers and everything in between.

This article will list the best free and paid courses, guides, and resources for Divi.

Free Divi courses & resources list

  1. The official Divi documentation
  2. Youtube tutorials & courses
  3. Udemy free (& paid) courses
  4. Free Divi 4 video course
  5. Divi Mundo free course
  6. Pee Aye Creative Paid Divi courses
  7. Josh Hall paid courses

The following places offer free courses and resources for Divi. There are of course some upsells, email captures, and affiliate links on most of these websites but the actual course or learning resource is free to use.

1. The official Divi documentation

Divi documentation elearning

This is the best place to learn Divi and it is 100% free. The #1 divi academy to learn it all.

Not a course on Divi as such, but the official Divi documentation learning resources will always be the best place to start learning how Divi works and for many, it is really all you will need to get your website up and running.

Divi comes with a very comprehensive set of documentation that covers every element of the theme and its array of features. It does lack a structured learning format but if you are willing to search and browse for the information you need it will be there.

The documentation is searchable and comes with detailed text and image content along with a large number of video tutorials and walk-through guides.

If you get stuck you can always access the Elegant Themes live chat support for answers too. This support is included as part of your Elegant Themes membership.

2. Youtube tutorials & courses

Divi courses on YouTube

Youtube has a mind-boggling number of free resources for Divi covering pretty much every single topic you can think of. There are also varying skill levels catered for such as Divi for Dummies through to Divi for experts.

Elegant Themes have its own official Elegant Themes Youtube channel which offers hundreds of Divi videos including documentation videos, Divi tutorials, and all the Divi feature updates & sneak peek videos. This YouTube channel alone can keep you busy learning for hours on end.

A search for Divi Theme on YouTube will also bring up plenty of 3rd party videos which range from short tutorials, plugin guides & reviews to full hour-long plus courses on building a Divi site from scratch.

3. Udemy free (& paid) courses

divi courses on udemy

Udemy is one of the most popular online course marketplaces that offers learning resources on almost anything imaginable, including a number that focuses on building websites with Divi. Udemy has a great learning structure which makes it easy and fun to work your way through the content.

If you search the Udemy website, there are 800+ Divi courses available, including more than 100 free Divi courses.

Udemy often has flash sales where all courses are reduced to ~$10, so it is worth getting on their email list to be notified when the next one comes around.

4. Free Divi 4 video course

Divi Theme Course by Ania Romańska

This Divi video course from Divi Lover is a free step-by-step video guide for Divi beginners created by Ania Romańska.

If you prefer to learn by watching a video, then this course is for you as each module in the course comes in a video format only. The course covers all the basics of starting with WordPress and the Divi Theme with a few intermediate tutorial videos too. You can also download the course files for free.

The course lessons include;

  • Get Domain Name and Hosting
  • Install WordPress – First Steps in the Dashboard
  • Create Pages and Posts
  • Download & Install the Divi Theme
  • Manage WordPress Menus
  • Divi Theme Options & Theme Customizer
  • Divi Builder Overview
  • Create a Fixed Header with the Theme Builder
  • Create a Global Theme Builder Footer
  • Design the Home Page
  • Design the About Page
  • Design the Services Page
  • Create the Contact Page
  • Customize the Blog and Category Archives
  • Create a Single Post Template
  • Course Summary

5. Divi Mundo free video course

divi mundo free divi course

Last on the list is a free video-based course from Divi Mundo that covers 10 steps to creating a website with Divi from hosting, building, and launching your site. Each section includes a number of key steps to follow in video format that have accompanying links in a resource section below the video.

The video guides are clear and easy to follow, so if you prefer to learn via video instructions then this course is worth checking out.

Start Learning (Free)

6. Pee Aye Creative Divi Beginners course

Divi beginners course

Pee Aye Creative is run by Nelson Miller (A.K.A. the divi teacher) and is a popular source of learning for Divi. Their website offers regular short tutorials on their blog along with 1 free, and 3 paid-for courses, including the beginners’ course. The resources available are clear and easy to follow for all levels of users.

The four Divi courses available from Pee aye Creative are;

  • Divi Beginner Course – A quick start guide for Divi that covers all the basics so you can get up and running.
    The course costs $47 for 1-year of access or $137 for lifetime access.
  • Divi Theme Builder – The Divi Builder is the core of the Divi Theme and this course takes a deeper look into the features and options available.
    This course costs $20 for 1-year of access or $60 for lifetime access.
  • Beyond The Builder – This is a full-featured course that should cover almost everything you need to know when building your Divi website.
    This course costs $147 for 1-year of access or $297 for lifetime access.
  • How To Make Divi Responsive Free Course – This free course will show you how to make sure your website looks good across different devices and screen sizes.

7. Divi courses from Josh Hall

Josh Hall Divi courses

Josh Hall has created a set of courses based on Divi and web design as a whole that can be purchased individually or as a package.

Josh has 3 Divi-specific courses which are the Divi/WordPress Beginners Course ($97),  the Divi/WooCommerce Beginners Course ($147), and  Josh’s Divi/CSS Course ($297).

I think the overall theme of these courses is a more general web design-related one and these are found in courses such as josh’s SEO Course, the Website Design Course, the Web Design Business Course, Josh’s Web Design Process Course, Josh’s cPanel Course, and the Website Maintenance Plan Course with prices ranging from $67 to $497.

How did you learn to use Divi?

For me, I learned how to use Divi just by actually using it and getting on Google or the official Divi documentation when I had something I couldn’t do.

If I got really stuck I would post in one of the many Divi Facebook groups or use the now redundant Elegant Themes support forum. However you choose to learn Divi, there are resources to help you along the way.

Some paid-for courses may be tailored for a more niche-specific audience, include a dedicated support group, or come with other added benefits not available with free courses. With so many top-quality Divi courses available for free you may never need to pay for a course. Either way, it is great that there are options for both free and paid courses for Divi users of all levels.

Affiliate disclosure* – Links to  Elegant Themes and 3rd party websites may contain affiliate code. You will never pay any extra for using these links but you will help keep Divi Theme Examples a forever-free resource for the Divi community. Thanks for your support.

Article 1st published Oct 17, 2018 

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