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We are about to hit the excesses of the festive season which means way too much food & alcohol and way to little exercise. Good times ahead, but, once the New Years Eve hangover has subsided, it will be time to start thinking about the new year ahead, which for many means getting on Google and searching for “get fit now“, “local gym memberships“, “personal trainers” or “loose mt xmas fat“.

Gym memberships peak in the new year as we all start a fresh year with grand ideas of a better, fitter life, so there is no better time to get some new web design clients in the fitness niche.

If you like to use Divi layouts then you may want to check out 6 Free Divi layouts for fitness websites that was posted on Divi Theme Examples last week. These layouts a free to download and include 1 pager templates and full multi page Divi layout packs.

Below are a few examples of websites in the fitness niche to give you a little inspiration. If you are still feeling a little rusty after the festive season we also have some premium Divi child themes and free Divi layouts that you can use to quickly give your project a great kick-start.

Harmony Pilates

Harmony Pilates offers Pilates classes in north London, UK.

Divi Pilates blog example

Health Works Gym

Health Works Gym is a Gym in West Yorkshire, UK.

Divi health & fitness blog example

Crossfit Black Bear

Crossfit Black Bear is a cross fit gym based in the USA.

Divi health & fitness blog example

Bajen Rough House

Bajen Rough House is a boxing gym based in Sweden.

Divi Boxning website example

Yoga Taylor

Yoga Taylor is Yoga instructor based in USA.

Divi yoga teaching blog example


Strengthhq is a gym based in New Zealand.

Divi Athletes blog example

Workhouse Gym

Workhouse Gym is a gym based in the UK.

Divi Fitness blog example

Sally Parkes Yoga

Sally Parkes Yoga is a Yoga classes based in UK.

Divi + WordPress Yoga Anatomy blog example

Mijn Personal Trainer

Mijn Personal Trainer is a personal trainer based in Belgium.

Divi personal trainer blog example

Bellarine Sports Medicine centre

Bellarine Sports Medicine centre is a sports medicine center in Australia.

Divi + WordPress health & Fitness blog example

Divi Child Themes and layouts for fitness websites

If you need a helping hand getting your fitness website up and running, then these 3 premium Divi child themes specifically designed for fitness websites can give you a fitness website in a few clicks, ready to add your own content.

Crossfit Wodster

Crossfit Wodster is Fitness child theme that can be purchased for $29 (single site license) over at Aspen Grove Studios.

Divi Fitness blog example


Gofit is a Fitness child theme taht can be purchased for $44 over at Divi Pug.

Divi Fitness blog example

Do you have any more great Divi fitness examples?

Drop your fitness website examples built with Divi in the comments below or submit to the Divi Theme showcase on Divi Theme Examples. Have a great xmas and don’t think about fitness until the new year 🙂

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