(Free) Divi Child themes are pre-built Divi websites that can be used to set up a website quickly without having any coding or design experience. Unlike a Divi layout, a child theme can include a menu structure and code customization not possible with a layout. Divi has a large number of 3rd party developers creating pre-made child theme website temples and there are now over 350 free & premium Divi child themes listed in the Divi Theme Examples directory. Most child themes are sold as a premium product with prices ranging anywhere from USD$30-175, but there are a few free, $0 child themes available to download at no cots too. Keep reading to see the best available.

What is a Divi child theme?

“A child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality and styling of the parent theme which in our case is Divi. We use a child theme to customize the design, layout or functionality of our websites without editing the actual (Divi) theme files.”. In the context of this post you can think of a child theme as a tool that allows us to create a pre-built website template that can then be used on another new Divi website.

How to use your free Divi child theme?

Each of the free child themes comes with its own installation instructions, but the process for using a child theme is essentially the same for each one. You will need to;

  1. download the zip file and the go to
  2. Upload the child theme and activate it
  3. Follow any prompts in your WordPress dashboard or in the child theme documentation to import the demo content
  4. You now have a free Divi child theme running on your Divi + WordPress install

If you are still unsure how child themes work or what the difference is between a premium child theme and one you use to stop Divi updates breaking your sites you can learn more over on the Divi child themes what why and how post and if you want to take a look at all Divi child themes (free and premium) you can see every child theme on Divi Theme Examples child theme page.

Six Divi Child Themes to download for free (or an email sign-up)

1. Divi All Purpose

free all purpose divi child

Divi All Purpose one of the most up-to-date free Divi child themes, being released in August 2018. It comes with 6 page templates and being multi-purpose it can be used for any type of website you can imagine (with some imagination, most layouts and child themes can be really). To put that point forward a bit more they have included 3 versions of the same homepage styled for a cafe, yoga or travel site. If you like hover effects, then you will need to add your own as this theme doesn’t have any custom hover animations added, but its easy as copy/pasting to get some cool Divi hover effects.  This is a free download from Aspen Grove Studios (or Divi Space) but requires you to subscribe your email to the mailing list and an email will be sent to the provided address to complete your download.

Download for Free | Live Demo

2. Divi Business

divi business free child theme

Divi Business is another recently released free Divi child theme from August 2018. It is a 6 page child theme template for a business website design by Tim Stiffler over at Divi Life. The home page comes with feature blurbs modules that have a background shape & color change hover effect, a pricing table and a custom testimonial slider. The about us page has a team members section that overlays staff members details over their photo on hover. You will also find an Instagram gallery integrated into the footer of the site. Perhaps the pick of the bunch for free child themes. Free download requires you to subscribe your email to mailing list and the child theme link will be emailed to that email.

Download for Free | Live Demo


landing free divi child theme

Landing is a free multi-purpose 1-page Divi child theme released by Best Divi Child. It features 9 main page sections that each come with a customized element. There are custom css hover effects on the blurbs and the team member section has a custom hover effects that reveal staff members details when you hover over their image. There is also a nice testimonial slider and client logo slider to showcasse who you work with and how much they love you. The blog posts section at the bottom of the page has a very unique and great looking full width display of the 3 latest posts that comes with a custom animated hover effect. The child theme comes with 1-click-import so you can get your site looking exactly like the demo site in just 1 click. For a 1 page child theme this is definitely something i would use. This child theme is free but you do need to go through the checkout process on Best Divi Child.

Download for Free | Live Demo


forty divi child theme

Forty is a free Divi child theme released by Caribdis web design. The homepage comes with bold 1/3 2/3, 2/3 1/3 and 1/3 2/3 image sections with opaque hover effect and a custom contact area. You also have a blog, landing and generic inner pages in the child theme. The blog page comes with a featured post slider module with a grid blog below. All pages feature a dark blue background color scheme. Forty is also available as a monochrome version which is the same layout minus any color and looks great. Both of these child themes can be downloaded for free directly from the download page without any signup or email required.

Download for Free | Live Demo

5.Altitudealtitude free child theme

Altitude is a simple 1 page Divi child theme available to download for free from Love Divi. There are not really any special code customization on this child theme (beyond some css) and it could have been released as a page layout. But, the style looks good and it would work well as a good base to take further and add your own code customization using the child theme set up provided. This child theme can be downloaded directly from Divi Lover without any signup or social share. You can also download Amped from the same download page which is another free 1-page child theme from Divi Lover.

Download for Free | Live Demo

6. Bare Bones for Divi

free blank divi child theme

Bare Bones for Divi is a free blank child theme so unlike the other child themes mentioned above it will not give you a pre-designed site as the child theme is empty. Bare Bones is here to save a little bit of time when you want to set up a child theme for your Divi site. It can be downloaded from Divi Theme Examples, uploaded to your WordPress dashboard and activated without you having to work out how to set your child theme up. Once activated your Divi site is running a child theme and any customizations you may want to make to the site beyond those in the Divi Theme options or Theme customizer can be placed in your new child theme. If you don’t know why you would want to use Bare Bones or when you may need a child theme check out the Divi child themes what, why and how page.

Download for Free | Live Demo (n/a)

Want more Divi freebies?

Whilst there are not that many free child themes for Divi, there are quite a lot of other free Divi products. There are a number of free Divi plugins, including 16 FREE Divi plugins on WordPress.org and 14 best Free Divi plugins to download now which can be used to add extra functionality to your Divi site. You can also find every Divi plugin on Divi Theme Examples including both free and premium plugins.

There are also a lot of free Divi layouts including all the free Divi layouts from Elegant Themes and even more released by 3rd party designers which can be found in the free category of the Divi Layouts Directory. Layouts offer a lot more flexibility than child themes and are very easy to add to an existing site and mix-and-match different layout templates to get just the ones you need. With the new copy and paste features it is also very easy to take a layout and copy the styling and options onto other areas of your site.

So much free stuff for Divi!

What freebies do you want?

Do you have any requests? Would the Elegant Themes layout packs be useful to you as a child theme package so you can load it up all in 1 click? Some more generic wire-frame page layouts? more free child themes? Layout packs for specific modules?

Drop a comment below with what Divi freebies would be most useful to you and maby they will become available soon.

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