The official Divi marketplace opened in August 2020 and sells Divi child themes, plugins/extensions, and layouts.

A Divi Child Theme is a WordPress Theme that inherits the functionality and styling of its parent theme, which in our case is Divi. We can use a Divi child theme as a way to package a pre-made Divi website template that can be loaded into another Divi website.

On the official Divi marketplace, there are currently;

  • 155 Divi child themes listed for sale in total
  • The best-selling child theme has sold 259 copies making $10,101
  • The worst-selling child theme has sold 0 copies
  • There is only 1 child theme that has sold more than 50 copies
  • There are 68 child themes that have made 0 sales
  • Divi Space is the best selling child theme developer and has 4 child themes in the top-10 and also takes out the top 3 spots

This post will list the top-ten best selling Divi child themes available to buy on the marketplace.

Affiliate disclosure* – Links to  Elegant Themes and 3rd party websites may contain affiliate code. You will never pay any extra for using these links but you will help keep Divi Theme Examples a forever-free resource for the Divi community. Thanks for your support.

1. Divi eCommerce (#1 Best Seller)

Divi eCommerce child theme

Divi eCommerce is a Divi child theme for WooCommerce

This is the best selling Divi child theme by a long way and the theme everybody wants! It has sold almost 10 times that of the next best child theme and is a clear winner for Divi Space. The eCommerce theme works with wooCommerce and due to the extra complexity of creating an online store, this child theme will save you the most time of any available. I generally never use premium child themes, but if I were to create an online store, then I would use a theme and it would probably be this one! For the price, this is a great value theme from the top-selling developers at Divi Space.

Divi eCommerce is the #1 selling Divi child theme. Congratulations to Divi Space!

  • Developer – Divi Space
  • Price – $39
  • Sales – 259
  • View Product

2. Divi Photography eCommerce

Divi Photography eCommerce theme

Divi Photography eCommerce is a WooCommerce child theme for photographers

Another eCommerce child theme from Divi space takes the second spot on the list. Much like the #1 theme above, this theme will save you a huge amount of time setting your online store up, especially if it is in the photography niche.

  • Developer – Divi Space
  • Price – $19 (launch special)
  • Sales – 32
  • View Product

3. Multipurpose Services

Divi multipurpose services child theme

Divi Multipurpose Services is a Divi child theme for the local services

Divi Space comes in 3-for-3 with this child theme package for the local service industry. There are 8 demos included within the package but they are essentially the same theme but with different color schemes and content. Either way, for a quick local services site you can be up-and-running fast for just $29.

  • Developer – Divi Space
  • Price – $29
  • Sales – 22
  • View Product

4. Josefin

Josefin Divi Child Theme

Josefin is a multi-purpose Divi child theme

Like Divi Space, BeSuperfly is another 3rd party developer that has been creating products for a number of years now. Josefin is one of their best sellers and offers a clean design that will work for almost any niche.

  • Developer – BeSuperfly
  • Price – $89
  • Sales – 21
  • View Product

5. Grow

Grow Divi child theme

Grow is a multi-purpose Divi child theme for $7

The cheapest of the top-10 child themes is just $7 and gives you a basic, yet well-designed website when you just need something simple, cheap, and quick to get set up.

  • Developer – Mark Hendriksen
  • Price – $7
  • Sales – 20
  • View Product

5. Divi Business Pro

Divi Business pro child theme

Divi Business Pro is a Divi child theme for corporate and business sites

Yet another child theme from Divi Space is this business/corporate theme which was first released in late 2017. Each product comes with a changelog which shows that DIvi Space actively update their products

  • Developer – Divi Space
  • Price – $39
  • Sales – 19
  • View Product

6. Divi RealEstate

Divi real estate child theme

Divi RealEstate is a Divi child theme for property sales & rentals

This child theme uses functionality from the Easy Property Listing Plugin and is designed for property sales or rental websites. The theme is sold by Divi Extended who is the best selling developer on the marketplace with over 500 sales to-date.

  • Developer – Divi Extended
  • Price – $29
  • Sales – 18
  • View Product

8. Phoenix

Phoenix Divi Child Theme

Phoenix is a multi-purpose Divi super child theme

Another theme from BeSuperfly is Phoenix, which is a super child theme that comes with 100+ sections. Use as is or use the sections to build your own creations from the pre-designed building-blocks.

  • Developer – BeSuperfly
  • Price – $99
  • Sales – 16
  • View Product

9. Handmade

Handmade Divi Child Theme

Handmade is a Divi WooCommerce child theme

Another eCommerce child theme for WooCommerce takes 9th place and is designed as a boho, artsy-craftsy type style, but as always, would easily work for any niche with a few tweaks.

  • Developer – Pee Aye Creative
  • Price – $49
  • Sales – 16
  • View Product

10. Edu

Edu Divi Child Theme

Edu is a Divi child theme for schools, colleges, and universities

Edu is a child theme for educational institutions and comes with a number of Divi Theme Builder templates.

  • Developer – Divi Extended
  • Price – $29
  • Sales – 13
  • View Product

Final Thoughts

The marketplace has been most popular for buying Divi plugins and extensions. The top-10 Divi plugins/extensions are mostly also the products that make up the top-selling of all products.

With the exception of one eCommerce child theme from Divi Space which has sold almost 300 copies, Divi child themes have not been as popular on the marketplace when compared to plugins.

Thirty percent (47) of all child themes listed on the marketplace are from a single developer who has made only 8 theme sales. This to me suggests that quality control could be tightened so that buyers do not have to sort through what are perhaps not very good products. Quality control is what is meant to separate the official Divi marketplace from unofficial 3rd party Divi marketplaces, but there is still a way to go yet based on what is currently in the store.

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