The official Elegant Themes marketplace for Divi products was launched in August 2020 and has given 3rd party developers a new platform to sell their products to the Divi community.

The marketplace sells Divi extensions (plugins) along with child themes and layouts from a range of developers.

On the official Divi marketplace, there are currently;

  • 72 Divi extensions/plugins listed in total
  • The best-selling extension/plugin has sold 242 copies making $19,118
  • The worst-selling extension/plugin has sold 0 copies
  • There are 5 extensions/plugins that have sold more than 100 copies
  • There are 7 extensions/plugins that have made 0 sales
  • Divi Extended is the best selling developer and has 3 plugins in the top-10

This post will list the top-ten best selling Divi plugins and extensions available to buy on the official Elegant Themes marketplace.

Affiliate disclosure* – Links to  Elegant Themes and 3rd party websites may contain affiliate code. You will never pay any extra for using these links but you will help keep Divi Theme Examples a forever-free resource for the Divi community. Thanks for your support.

1. Divi Supreme Pro (#1 Best Seller)

best seller Divi-Supreme-Pro-plugin

Divi Supreme Pro is a multi-feature plugin with 40+ modules and 7 extensions.

This Divi plugin offers multiple features and add-ons in a single plugin and is the best selling Divi plugin available in the marketplace.

Multi-feature Divi plugins are popular as you get a lot more bang-for-your-buck and they can be a huge time-saver, especially when creating multiple websites.

Many of the extensions available within Divi Supreme are sold by other developers as standalone plugins. Whilst the standalone plugins may often have a more robust feature-set, for many a basic version is all that is required. For example, a Divi popup maker is a popular feature request and one that is available as a standalone popup maker plugin (See #7 below) but also as part of Divi Supreme. There is a Divi image carousel in Divi Supreme, so you may not need a standalone plugin for carousels such as the one listed below as the #2 best selling Divi plugin.

There are a few multi-feature Divi plugins available (including Divi Plus at #6, and Divi Toolbox at #7 in the rankings. See below.) so take a look at each plugin and see which features you will want to use regularly.

Divi Supreme is the #1 selling Divi plugin. Congratulations to Divi Supreme!

  • Developer – Divi Supreme
  • Price – $79
  • Sales – 242
  • View Product

2. Divi Carousel Module 2.0

Divi carousel module plugin 2.0

Divi Carousel Module 2.0 plugin allows you to create carousels in Divi.

Create carousels for images, products, testimonials, or anything else you need.

If you need more features than those available in the image carousel module in Divi Supreme, or just don’t want the extra cost or features with the Supreme plugin, then this plugin allows you to create any number of different Divi carousels.

I would assume that a carousel slider may be integrated as a built-in Divi module at some stage or perhaps the built-in slider module will get this as an added functionality, but until then you can use this plugin or code it yourself.

  • Developer – Divi Gear
  • Price – $29
  • Sales – 221
  • View Product

3. Divi Events Calendar

Divi Events Calendar plugin

The Divi Events Calendar plugin allows you to display events from The Events Calendar plugin in Divi.

This plugin works with The Events Calendar plugin and Divi. The plugin can be used to display and customize an events feed on your Divi website. You can choose what event information to display and how it is styled using easy toggles and the usual Divi design options you already use.

You can use the free The Events Calendar plugin without the Divi Events Calendar plugin, but by doing so you get full control of how the feeds and calendar is displayed and customized.

  • Developer – Pee-Aye Creative
  • Price – $35
  • Sales – 194
  • View Product

4. Table Maker

Divi Table Maker plugin

The Table Maker allows you to create responsive tables in Divi

The Divi Table plugin is a Divi plugin that allows you to add responsive tables within the Divi Theme using the Divi Builder. You can style every area of the table such as content, columns, headers, footers, and individual cells.

If you need to create a table in Divi then this plugin makes it easy to add well-designed tables that will fit any screen size.

  • Developer – Divi -Modules
  • Price – $35
  • Sales – 116
  • View Product

5. Divi Blog Extras

Divi Blog Extras plugin

Divi Blog Extras allows you to create responsive tables in Divi

The Divi blog module can be hard to style if you do not know CSS and built-in options are fairly limited. This blog plugin allows you to choose from a number of pre-made blog page templates.

The plugin also adds extra blog related functionality such as AJAX pagination, numbered pagination, post read time, category filter, and a recent post sidebar widget.

  • Developer – Divi Extended 
  • Price – $49
  • Sales – 111
  • View Product

6. Divi Plus

Divi Plus plugin

Divi Plus is a multi-feature plugin with 24 new modules

The second of 3 multi-feature Divi plugins in the top-10 list from the highest-selling developer, Divi Extended.

This plugin adds 24 new modules to your Divi builder for adding various functionality.

The 24 modules added are Flipbox, Modal, Advanced Button, How To Schema, Fancy Heading. Separator, Live Ajax Search, Form Styler, Content Toggle, Image Hotspot, Breadcrumbs, Fancy Text, Blog Slider, FAQPage Schema, Logo slider, Timeline, Before After Slider, Business Hours, Text Animator, Price List, and Facebook (4) Modules.

  • Developer – Divi Extended
  • Price – $79
  • Sales – 102
  • View Product

7. Divi Modal Popup

Buy Divi Modal Popup plugin

The Divi Modal Popup created modals and popups using the Divi Builder

The plugin allows you to create popups and lightboxes that are activated using multiple types of triggers.

The popups or modals can be activated either by user interaction with an element, such as a button, text, etc. or when a page is loaded.

This plugin is built into the Divi Plus plugin (See #6 above) so you may be better off paying a little extra and getting all 24 Divi modules in the multi-feature plugin.

  • Developer – Divi Extended
  • Price – $19
  • Sales – 70
  • View Product

8. Divi Toolbox

Divi Toolbox plugin

Divi Toolbox is a multi-feature plugin for Divi

The 3rd multi-feature Divi plugin in the top-10 list comes from Divi Lover and offers a number of features to customize Divi without the need to add your own code.

A few of these options seem to be now built-into the Theme Builder, but there are still many options in there that will save you plenty of time looking up tutorials or writing code.

  • Developer – Divi Lover
  • Price – $89
  • Sales – 52
  • View Product

9. DiviMenus

Divi Menus plugin

DiviMenus plugin allows you to create expanding menus for Divi.

The plugin allows you to add circular, horizontal, and vertical menus with icons, images, or text. The menu items can then be made into links or animated popups.

The DiviMenus plugin will add a new module into the Divi Builder to add the DiviMenus.

10. Image Effect Pro

Divi Image Effect Pro plugin

Divi Image Effects Pro plugin adds 7 new Divi modules for image effects.

This plugin adds 7 custom Divi modules that are each designed to add cool effects to your images.

There are hundreds of image effects within the 7 modules and whilst some may be available using built-in Divi options or a few lines of custom CSS, for beginners the plugin offers fast, good looking effects for any images on your website.

  • Developer – Divi Next
  • Price – $29
  • Product Sales – 34
  • View Product

Final Thoughts

The official Elegant Themes marketplace for Divi was a long time in the making, but for several 3rd party developers, it has been a huge success. The reach of the marketplace allows developers to reach a large market and increase sales.

For the people buying the Divi plugins, they can be assured that the products are tried and tested by staff at Elegant Themes.

Of the top 20 products sold on the marketplace

Congratulations to the winners who have produced the top-selling Divi plugins!

Which is your favorite Divi plugin in the marketplace? Drop a comment below.

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