By default, the blog and posts page is set to be 3/4 (75%) width for the body section and 1/4 (25%) width for the sidebar section, but this may not be ideal for your layout.

You may see a lot of text wrap if you have longer category names or are displaying the latest blog posts in the sidebar and prefer to give them a little extra space.

If you want to change the default sidebar width on your blog and post pages you can use the Divi Theme Customizer settings to specify what percentage width it should be.

Steps to change the Divi sidebar

Change  the sidebar width using the Theme Customizer:

  1. In the WordPress dashboard go to Divi > Theme Customizer or Appearance > Customize
  2. Click on the General Settings > Layout Settings
  3. Check the Use Custom Sidebar Width check-box and the sidebar width option slider will appear
  4. Drag the slider or use the text box to set the Sidebar Width  (The number is a percentage of the content width, which is 1080 px  on a desktop by default)
  5. Publish the changes and your sidebar width will be as you set it

change divi sidebar width

You may also want to remove the dividing line on Divi sidebars which can be done using a few lines of custom CSS.

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