Change the text in the submit button on Divi Contact form

Divi is continually evolving and many things that were previously hacked by the Divi community get rolled into the core Divi Theme. Being able to change the text in the submit button of the contact form module is one of those updates. So you no longer need to use custom coding like you may see in older contact form tutorials online.

You can set the submit button text in the contact form settings

  1. Add a new contact form module using the Divi Builder
  2. In the Content tab, scroll down below the form fields to the text section
  3. Here you will option to edit the Submit Button Text
  4. You can also edit the contact form Title and Sucess Message in the section

divi contact form submit text

Code below for Divi versions pre 2.4

To change the text in the submit button on Divi Contact form you need to edit the funcions.php in your Divi child theme.

  1. copy functions.php from your Divi Theme into your child theme folder
  2. Then find the following code and edit the Submit text to whatever you want your new button text to be.
    ( isset( $_POST['et_pb_contact_message'] ) ? esc_attr( $_POST['et_pb_contact_message'] ) : $message_label ),
    __( '<strong>Submit</strong>', 'Divi' )

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