If you want to change the height of your slider in Divi, you will need to add some custom CSS to your ePanel Divi Theme Options (Divi>theme options) or Divi child themes style.css file.

1 – Give the slider you want to change a CSS class (myslider in this case)

2 – Add the following CSS into your ePanel or child theme.

3 – edit the 2 instances of 450px to change the height of the slider

4 – edit the  top: 15%; to move the content up/down

@media only screen and ( min-width:981px ) {
/* Set the slider height */
.myslider, .myslider .et_pb_container {
height: 450px !important;
.myslider, .myslider .et_pb_slide {
max-height: 450px;
.myslider .et_pb_slide_description {
position: relative;
top: 15%;
padding-top: 0 !important;
padding-bottom:0 !important;
height:auto !important;

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