Learn how to built a Divi website with this free course.

Divi is really intuitive to use for any level of user and for many, the best place to start is usually the official Divi Theme documentation from Elegant Themes which will give you a good overview of how everything works.

However, if you prefer to learn via a step by step course that walks you through everything you need to know to get a Divi site up and running then the DIY with Divi course is for you.

What you will need to build a Divi website

  1. Domain / Hosting : Hosting is where your website is stored and the domain name is the address used to find it.
  2. WordPress: WordPress is the base software platform that powers your website.
  3. Divi Theme: Divi works on top of WordPress to add design and functionality.
  4. Time: It will take around 2 hours to build your website if you follow these simple steps.

4 Steps to build a Divi website

  1. Domain / Hosting: Step 1 will show you how to setup your hosting, domain name and emails.
  2. WordPress: Step 2 will show you how to install WordPress + set up your email address.
  3. Divi Theme: Step 3 will show you how to install and configure the Divi Theme.
  4. Pages & Content: Step 4 will show you how to create your pages and add content.
free DIY divi course

DIY with Divi

FREE (paid for with affiliate links at no extra cost to you)

created by Craig from Divi Theme Examples

“A stupidly simple beginners guide to creating a professional website step by step with Divi.”

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