You probably all already know SJ James from the various Divi Facebook groups where he has been one of the main posters offering Divi specific tips and tricks. He has recently set up, which is the new home for his Divi Child themes, plugins, courses and resources. The Divi module editor has been a popular Divi enhancer for a while now, but the latest addition to Divi Space, is gaining popularity….The CSS for Divi course offers Divi specific training to help you take your Divi website to the next level with custom CSS modifications. The course will walk you through creating your own child theme and adding these modifications to enable a more unique Divi site.


A unique CSS e-learning project built specifically for Divi.

With over six hours of instructional video, 50+ pages of written resources, theme files and tutorials, there is no better way to master the Divi Theme.

During this project you will learn;

  1. Advanced CSS techniques that let you do amazing things with Divi.
  2. How to use CSS discovery tools to cut your development time WAY down.
  3. How to create a fully custom child theme from scratch.

You will be given access to;

  • Hours of instructional videos.
  • CSS selector maps for every single module.
  • Customizable child theme files including footer, style and functions.
  • Premium Divi & WordPress tutorials on Divi Space.
  • A members only support group.
  • A 20% discount on future Gritty courses.

Current syllabus;

  • CSS Explained – How it works and why that’s important.
  • CSS Selectors (Module + Theme)
  • CSS Stack & Heirarcy in Divi ( Child Themes, in-line CSS, Advanced Options and ePanel explained)
  • ID’s & Classes in Divi
  • Tools & Equipment – How to cut your development time in half.
  • Breakpoints & Responsive design
  • Animations without JS
  • Designing in Pseudo
  • Building a Child Theme (By the end of the course you will have built a custom child theme)

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