ET have called for testers to Review Divi 2.4, so have pushed back the estimated release date to 17th June. Whilst, like most, i’m very keen to see Divi 2.4 released this seems like a very good move from Elegant Themes to ensure the final release has no glitches and goes off smoothly.



Nick Roach from Elegant Themes has just given an ETA of 10th June for the release or Divi 2.4. He stresses the estimated on this, so if it takes longer for ET to produce the goods then so be it, as it will be worth the wait 🙂

The Divi 2.4 release is something we have all been looking forward to for a while now and Elegant Themes just gave us another little sneak peak as to what is to come. Elegant themes already gave a Divi 2.4 sneak peak back in April into what we can expect from Divi 2.4 and from the latest graphic and info, it looks like there are already a lot of cool features ready to roll out with Divi 2.4.

Elegant Themes are calling for feedback for any feature requests you may have for Divi 2.4, so go to their latest Divi 4.2 blog post and leave a comment with your suggestions.

Their post is only a day old and already has 660 comments with a stack of great suggestions, so get yours in quick!





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