Today saw the release of the Divi 2.5 theme update which, as you would expect from Elegant Themes, includes some really nice features.

For me, the most important new feature is the live preview button, which allows you to preview your edits to your module, row or section settings. Saving the module, scrolling up the page and clicking on preview or update was getting to be a real PITA and time drain, but this fixes the issue perfectly and will save us all a huge amount of time creating our Divi websites. Ad if that wasn’t good enough, the live preview also has a responsive testing allowing you to view the live preview at desktop, tablet or smartphones resolutions. Genius ūüôā

Everyone makes mistakes, right? I know I have dropped a few F bombs after deleting modules or entire rows before.¬†Well, with the new Divi Builder Undo/Redo¬†and History¬†Functionality¬†it doesn’t really matter how clumsy your fat fingers are,¬†as you can quickly and easily¬†transport to a time and place¬†when everything was just right.

The all new¬†Right Click is another very useful feature allowing you to Rename, Undo, Disable, Lock, Collapse, Copy, Paste, Preview and Save To Library. The ability to copy and paste modules from one page to another, disable modules for later user without having to totally delete them, and lock modules that shouldn’t be touched are my favourite right click functions.¬†Again, another hugely useful feature for Divi 2.5.

I had a client who totally butchered the WordPress website I made for them to the point where I removed my credit link on the site, took it off my portfolio and cried. The last major update I will be using a lot will stop this ever happening again. The Divi Roll Editor, which allows Divi web designers like myself to lock clients out of various areas of the Divi admin area. You can remove access to the Divi Theme Options, Theme Customizer, Module Customizer and Divi Library as required on a higher level. Getting more specific, you can also set permissions for specific modules to make sure your client only edits the exact areas you allow.

These are just the main Divi 2.5 features that have made me happy, so take a look at the video from Elegant Themes and let Nick Roach tell you more…

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