Divi 2.7 update brings some awesome new tools to your Divi arsenal

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Divi 2.7 is here and it brings some really cool new features that will make your Divi development faster, easier and more rewarding. The key new features are split testing, enhanced portability, custom page settings and a dynamic help system..

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Divi Leads Split Testing

The Divi Leads split testing system allows you to split test your content to see what variations convert best, by
1) Creating different versions of your page/section/row/module.
2) Selecting a conversion goal to track
3) Wait while the numbers are tracked for a few days, then see which version of your content convert the best.
4) Select to keep the winner as your content and loose the losers.


Enhanced portability

The new portability features allow you to easily import/export various elements of your Divi website for use on another Divi website. You can import/export individual layouts, theme options, customizer settings and Divi user roles. These features will help you build a collection of export files to use on future projects and share with the Divi community.


Divi builder page settings

A new set of options allowing you to make settings specific to certain pages. Adding custom CSS to target the page directly rather than adding in the Divi Theme options and having to target specific /page/post IDs and load the custom CSS sitewide where it may not be needed.


Dynamic help system

Problems happen from time to timeand it is a pain finding out why. Now you will have a much better idea of what may be causing them as the builder will check for things like memory errors, wp-config misconfigurations, unwanted cached files, outdated theme and WordPress versions, plugin incompatibilities and let you know where the issues lie.

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