Import/export your Divi layouts, customizer setting and Divi theme options.

Divi 2.7 has some cool new features for making your Divi website more portable. You can now export individual layouts, customizer settings, Divi Theme options and Divi user roles. Save your various Divi assets for future Divi projects or share with the Divi community.


Having wasted a lot of time managing library items before i’m really happy to see we can now export individual library items rather than having to export the entire Divi library.

The layouts images are also now packaged up into the new .JSON file and automatically added to your media library when the layout is imported. No more broken image links when the original site the layout was saved from is deleted!

Theme Options

This new feature allows us to export/import the entire Divi Them options to use as a backup or to copy from one Divi site to another. Saving a customised set of Divi Them options to use for new builds will also save a lot of time and give projects a quick jump start.

Customizer settings

Another new feature allows you to import/export the customizer settings as a backup or to copy from one Divi site to another. Just like with the Theme options these can be used as a base for loading into new builds with your favourite page sutup.

Divi Roles

Taken a while setting up various role settings to keep users access on a need to know basis?! Export these settings and you’re good to go on your new site.

Divi is now fully portable

These new features should speed up your development time and open up access to a greater number of community shared layouts, settings and options.

Take a look at the video below and see just how easy the new features are to use.

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