Divi 2.7 ETA: 3-4 weeks ūüôā

You may only just be getting around to updating and exploring Divi 2.6, but already the team over at Elegant Themes have given us a sneak preview into what they are working on for the release of Divi 2.7.

There are usually a few extras thrown in for good measure, but the 3 key features that Divi 2.7 will bring are;

Split Testing with Divi Leads

Should that buy now button be red or green? Is my blog post title to wordy or uninteresting? Should i have more than 3 fields on my contact form?

The answer to your dilemmas is here (almost). Divi 2.7 will see the introduction of split (A/B) testing, which is the process of delivering different content to different users and seeing how interactions differ.

Show 50% a red call to action button and 50% a green one. Wait for the data to flow and at the end you will see which colour button gets clicked the most.

A hugely useful tool and something that can greatly improve the quality of your website and the results it generates.

divi 2.7 split testing

Export/import Divi layouts and customizer settings

You can already use the WordPress importer/exporter plugin to share and move your Divi layouts that you have saved to your Divi library (like the Divi layouts we share here on the DTE Divi layouts page), but the process can be a bit clunky and you have to export all layouts at once (or delete all but the layout you want to export from your library). The details haven’t been released yet, but expect a smoother workflow for exporting layouts.

Again, the customizer setting you make can be imported/exported using the Customizer Import/export plugin, but again, this could be made more efficient and included as an option from withing the Divi builder options.

divi 2.7 layouts exporter

Divi Builder Page Settings

A new page wide settings option to allow settings and css to be applied to a whole page rather than just into modules, rows and sections within a page. A great time saver and something i’m sure will be a welcome addition in 2.7.

divi 2.7 page settings

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