100 days countdown to Divi 3.0 starts NOW

And… during those 100 days Elegant Themes will be releasing a huge amount of free Divi theme resources for the Divi community.

So, pretty exciting news from Elegant Themes today in The Countdown To Divi 3.0 And The Divi 100 Marathon Starts Today!* as Nick Roach reveals what lies ahead for Divi. 100 days to launch, market by 100 days of Divi resources that will be released by Elegant Themes.

“Today we embark on a very special 100-day long journey filled with amazing Divi tips and tricks, free Divi library packs, Divi plugins and extensions, Divi child themes, Divi Nation podcast episodes and much more. Every single day, for 100 days in a row, we will be sharing a new and exciting free resource with the Divi community.” – Nick Roach









*Countdown timer styled using a cool (and quick) tutorial by SJ James over at Divi Space.

So, whats on offer during the 100 days of Divi 3.0?

Elegant Themes will be releasing library packs, Divi extension plugins, Divi nation podcasts and Divi tips & tricks every day throughout the countdown to Divi 3.0.

To keep track of these Divi freebies i have created a 100 days of Divi freebies post that will be updated as each day passes.

Elegant Themes' Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale is still on if you want 25% discount! Dismiss

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