Divi 3.0 will be released on September 7th 2016

Just over 3 months ago Elegant Themes announced that their flagship WordPress theme, Divi, would be getting a substantial upgrade when Divi 3.0 is released on September 7th 2016. A 100 day Divi 3 countdown was also announced which (94 days in) has given the Divi community a huge amount of Divi resources, from tips & tricks, Divi layout packs, plugins and of course, a few sneak peeks into what Divi 3 will offer.

There is a Beta testing program running so that selected members of the Divi community can test run Divi 3 before its release and report any issues they may find. Testers agree to a NDA (not to share with others any details about what they test) so no further insights can be given beyond what Elegant Themes have already said publicly on their blog, Youtube and on social media. There have been quite a few sneek peaks from Elegant Themes tho, so we can get a good idea of what is coming.

So, what do we know so far about Divi 3?

below are a few snippets and videos released by Elegant Themes over the past few months with information on Divi 3.

Day 1 – The Countdown To Divi 3.0 And The Divi 100 Marathon Starts Today!

Over the next few months we will be posting a lot more information about what you can expect from Divi 3.0. For now, I can tell you this: Divi 3.0 will launch with a completely new visual-editing experience that will forever change the way you build websites with the Divi Builder (for the better). We are on a mission to build the best front-end page builder for WordPress on the market. This new live editor will live right along side the current “backend” version of the builder, and the two experiences will be completely cohesive and interchangeable. If you are already a Divi user and have mastered the current Divi Builder interface, you will be able to jump right into the new builder with zero learning curve. – Nick Roach, Elegant themes

Day 17 – Divi 3.0 Sneak Peek: A Glimpse At The New Visual Editing Experience/strong>

The Visual Editing Experience – When you load the Divi Builder’s visual editor, you see your page exactly as it is displayed on your website. Unlike the current version of the Divi Builder, in which elements on the page are represented by blocks, elements in the visual editor are represented by themselves. You can click into any section, row or module and edit the element’s settings just like you would in the current builder. When in visual mode, however, the broader editing experience, particularly the interplay between a module’s settings and the actual output of those settings, is infinitely more intuitive. When you make a change, it happens instantly (and I mean instantly)! All of the editing occurs in your browser which means there is no need to use Ajax calls to load elements or update the design, and since we are using React, updating the DOM is incredibly efficient. Building a new page is really really fast. – Nick Roach, Elegant themes

Day 38 – Divi 3.0 Sneak Peek: A Look At Divi’s Upcoming Inline Editing Capabilities

Divi 3.0 will introduce an entirely new visual builder created from the ground up using React. This new interface will allow you to build and modify pages visually, instead of being limited to the current block-based builder. It will be super fast, easy to use and will have no learning curve for current Divi users. If you have’t been following along with our Divi 100 countdown then be sure to check out our first and second sneak peeks to learn more about what you can expect from Divi 3.0.
One part of that new visual editing experience is the “inline editor,” a new way to edit the text on your page…on your page! – Nick Roach, Elegant themes

Day 66 – Divi 3.0 Sneak Peek: The Very First Video Screencast Of The New Builder In Action

The 1st video from Elegant Themes showing us just what the new front-end builder is capable of.

Day 80 – Divi 3.0 Sneak Peek Video #2: The “Invisible” and Customizable User Interface

Sneak peek video #2 shows us just how easy the UI will be in the Divi 3 front-end builder.

When you first load the new builder, you might not even know it’s there. As you start to explore the page, however, the controls become apparent without crowding your screen or obstructing the design of your page. In addition, the interface can be customized to fit your screen, adjust to your content and satisfy your personal preferences. It’s a design experience unlike anything else.

Day 87 – Divi 3.0 Video Sneak Peek #3: Editing Content On Your Page With The New In-line Editor

Sneak peek video #3 shows us the inline editor capabilities of the Divi 3 front-end builder.

The In-line Editor allows you to add, edit and style text content directly on your page without ever opening a module’s settings panel. Just click and start typing! You can compose entire posts with a single column and text module and the experience is wonderful. Plus, the new in-line editor gives you additional options like custom fonts and text sizes.

Day 94 – The Final Divi 3.0 Video Sneak Peek: A Look At Visual Undo, Redo And Revision History

Sneak peek video #4 shows us how easy it is to undo, redo and manage revision history in the Divi 3 front-end builder.

I think everyone who uses Divi is quite excited about the iminent release of version 3 and if these sneek peaks from Elegant themes are anything to go by, it is going to be a huge hit.

To help you all get through the final hours of the countdown Divi Theme Examples will be adding 99 new Divi sites to the showcase on day 99, so check the Divi Theme showcase on the 6th September 🙂

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