Divi has always made it easy to create websites using WordPress and its best-selling theme, but now there is a new feature to make things easier still: Divi AI.

This powerful artificial intelligence tool is integrated directly into the Divi WordPress theme and has been designed to streamline your website-building experience by letting AI take over much of the work.

But does Divi AI live up to the hype? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

What is Divi AI?

Divi AI is a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) tool integrated into the Divi WordPress theme and Divi Builder that can create text, images, and code for you.

Divi AI intro

With Divi AI, you can generate text, images, code, or entire modules with just a few clicks. Divi AI can also analyze and learn from existing content on your website to recommend more relevant AI-generated content for you to use.

  • Divi AI Learns From Your Website: Divi AI analyzes your website content and uses this to generate content that is more accurate and tailored to add to what you already have.
  • Generate content: Divi AI can learn from your existing website content to generate relevant and on-brand AI content that matches what you already have.
  • Generate new images from existing content: Divi AI can create images for you in the Divi Builder and just like with text, it can use existing content to create better images.
  • Edit existing images: Use an existing image and get Divi AI to edit, manipulate, or completely change it all within the Divi Builder.
  • Write code with Divi AI:  Your personal coding freelancer is trained in the code Divi uses and can write various languages. No more searching for and copy-pasting custom CSS snippets from all over the internet.

The 3 main elements of Divi AI are;

What is Divi Text AI?

Divi AI can generate text for your website from scratch or modify and improve the text you already have. From directly in the Divi AI interface you can write catchy page titles, informative paragraphs, or even complete detailed blog posts.

Divi text AI example

When you add a new Divi Text module you will see the AI options. From here it is easy to let Divi AI write as much as you like. The basic steps to create text with Divi AI would be;

  1. Set a content type from the options of Paragraph, Title, Button, Blog Post, or Social Media Post
  2. Tell Divi AI what you are writing about, Just describe in your own words what Divi AI should write about.
  3. Set Added Context so Divi AI can tailor the content it generates to be more relevant to content from a particular location.

With just these few steps you can ask Divi AI to generate content and it will start to write for you.

For more advanced text AI options you can click on the Guide Me link which will open up more options for you to guide the AI tool in how it generates content. Options will include;

  • The tone of Voice – Divi AI can write in various tones of voice such as informative, funny, or creative.
  • Must Use Keywords – Must use words will be included in the AI content which is useful for SEO keyword optimization.
  • Content-Length – Specify how long the text content should be as a maximum, minimum, or approximate text length.
  • Language – Divi AI is also fluent in 26 languages so you can select your preferred language here.

What is Divi Image AI?

Divi AI can generate images for your website from scratch or modify and improve the images you already have. From directly in the Divi AI interface you can generate images as if by magic.

Divi image AI

To generate an image with Divi AI you can add a Divi Image module and click on the AI icon. From here you just need to give it some information to guide the process which includes;

  • Image Style – Select the image style from a dropdown menu or leave it blank and use the description prompt below to describe your style in words. The dropdown includes popular image styles such as photos, digital art, Anime, Paintings, etc.
  • Image Description – Describe what image you want to create. The prompt will make a big difference so experiment with your image prompt text and be as detailed as you can.
  • Reference Image (Optional) -You can upload a reference image which will be used with your image description to create the AI image.
  • Aspect Ratio – Choose the aspect ratio that will be used for the generated image.
  • Size – Set the image size that works best with Divi

To refine or edit existing images with Divi AI you can click on the AI icon on your existing image. It will give you many options including;

  • Modify
  • Extend
  • Upscale
  • Enhance

There are plenty of options within the Divi Image AI to play around with, but essentially you can create or edit any image however you need. At the end of the day, your imagination is the only limit, and even then, Divi AI can imagine for you!

What is Divi Code AI?

Divi Code AI can write code, generate CSS, and customize your Divi website within the Divi Visual Builder. It’s like having a personal freelancer trained in Divi code and available 24/7. just describe what you need in plain English and Divi AI will code it.

Divi code AI interface

To use Divi Code AI you will need to click on the AI icon in any of the Divi code fields For example the Custom CSS field in the Advanced settings tab of most Divi modules. Click the AI icon and tell it what you want.

For most of us, the best place to start playing around with the code AI is in the custom CSS box.

  1. Open any of your modules and navigate to the Advanced Tab. Select the Custom CSS area and click on the AI icon.
  2. From here you will see a popup asking “How would you like to change the style of this element?” Use this area to write in English what you want Divi AI to custom code.
  3. Hit the Generate Code button and it will write the code and you will see it applied right there in the Visual Builder. Modify as needed.

How much does Divi AI cost?

Divi AI is available on a paid membership basis with two main pricing options a $24 per month or a Yearly Plan that costs $216 per year.

You will save money by paying annually rather than monthly and save more by bundling Divi AI with other Elegant Themes products.

The best prices for Divi are always in the annual Black Friday sale and then in the Divi Summer sale.

divi AI pricing

It is also available as part of the Divi Pro membership and as a separate bundle with Divi. So, Divi AI is not free and not even that cheap so it depends on your needs if it is worth the price. If you use it a lot then it may provide great value for you and as with everything the time-saving possibilities are highly important.

Will the membership allow you to sack your content creators, coders, and Photoshop experts? Probably not yet, but it is only a matter of time for many.

The Pros of using Divi AI

  1. Divi Integration – Being able to access and deploy AI without leaving Divi is something that will save time and offer a seamless experience for you.
  2. Fast Content Creation – Creating content takes time and having AI do it for you is a huge time saver. It can auto-generate content, generate images automatically, refine and modify existing images, and even write code. Time is money and AI tools will save you both.
  3. Unlimited Usage – Divi AI offers unlimited usage, allowing you to generate unlimited text, code, and images. Whilst Divi AI is not free, it does come at a price point comparable to other AI services.

The Cons of using Divi AI

  1. Cost – While Divi AI seems impressive, it may not be for everyone. For one, it comes with a cost. The monthly plan costs $24 per month, and the yearly plan costs $216 per year. This could be a significant investment for small businesses or individual website owners.
  2. AI Quality– While AI can generate content, it may lack the human touch and understanding of the nuanced language that a human writer and Divi user possesses. If you have ever used AI models you will know that they are not always factually accurate either.
  3. AI Alternatives – There are many AI alternatives available that you may prefer to use or may have already got a subscription for. Whilst they may not be integrated right into Divi itself they may offer a better solution for your situation.
  4. It’s a Rabbit Hole – Sometimes it is best to keep it simple but with Divi AI we can do anything we can dream of without needing to know how. I wonder if we are going to start seeing 2024 AI versions of the Ling’s Cars website!


Divi AI is quite an insanely powerful content and design tool when you start to play around with it. The limits as to what AI can do for you depend on your imagination.

Creating text, images, and code from scratch for your website or having AI edit what you already have is hugely helpful. It does feel like having a content creator, copywriter, and web developer on hand 24/7. It doesn’t always get it right but sure beats the alternatives of finding and hiring someone to help with these things.

If you are developing websites for clients it is a great way to present your web designs with placeholder content without needing to use Lorem Ipsum text and images from Stock. The AI content can be used to generate quality content that may even be used in the final website.

AI is here to stay and will only get more powerful as time goes on. The roadmap for Divi AI looks promising with full AI layout generation and AI-powered tools that can generate an entire website from scratch. Divi designers may be starting to worry about their jobs or at least thinking about how they add value beyond what AI can accomplish.

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