With the latest release of Divi, there was an option added to your blog module called Offset number, which basically allows you to set a number of posts that that blog module skips/doesn’t show. This means that you can style and set a number of posts to show in 1 blog module and then add another blog module on the same page and style it another way….without duplicating the posts.

So, for example, you can have 2 blog modules on the same page with the 1st showing full width layout with 3 posts and offset to 0. Then a second module below it using a grid layout. With the new offset field, you can enter 3, so that the 3 posts in the 1st blog module are skipped in the second and don’t get duplicated.

Plenty of uses for this if you think about it. A popular one might be to make the latest 1/2/3 posts full width with featured image and the rest of the posts below without the featured image.

Take a look at the Divi resources page to see how it looks with 2 blog modules, and offset set to 1 on the second blog module.

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