Divi has a built-in Blog module to display your blog posts.

You can use multiple Blog modules on a page to display your posts with different styles and sizes.

You can then use the post offset to ensure that posts are not duplicated between blog modules.

What is the Divi post offset?

The Divi post offset is an option within Divi modules that display your blog posts (Blog module and Post Slider module) and allows you to set the number of posts you want to exclude from being displayed.

Divi post offset

By default, the value of the post offset is 0 and all available blog posts will be displayed via the Blog module.

An offset of 1 will exclude the latest post from being displayed.

An offset or 2 will exclude the 2 latest posts from being displayed.

Blog post offset example

For example, you could have 1 featured blog post with a yellow background, with 3 regular blog posts below.

The page would use 1 blog post module for the post with the yellow background and 1 blog post module for the 3 blog posts below.

Without using a blog post offset you would see the post from the 1st blog module duplicated in the 3 blog posts below.

Divi blog post offset duplicate posts

In order to stop the duplicated post you can set the offset to 1 in the second Divi Blog module (that is displaying 3 posts).

The result of setting the post offset to 1 is that 1 post (titled “This is a Divi post” in our example) will be skipped in the second Blog module.

The result is the following;

Divi post offset 1

If you wanted to have 6 more blog posts displayed under this with a different style you can add another Divi Blog module and set the offset to 4 so that the four posts already displayed on the page are excluded.

Final Thoughts

The Divi Blog module post offset number is a simple yet extremely useful option when displaying your blog posts in Divi. By using the offset you can add multiple blog modules to a single page and create unique styling for each module without the worry of duplicating your posts. Remember to add blog pagination to your website too for a more useable blog page layout.

Do you use the post offset on your Divi website? Drop a link below with your examples.

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