So, you want to customise your Divi website, but not sure whether you need to get the Divi booster plugin or the CSS Hero plugin.

Divi Booster vs CSS Hero : which one do I need?

Well, the short answer might be none, because if you know what you are doing you can just do it all yourself by creating a child theme and adding the files and code you need to make the changes.

But, this takes time, even if you do know what you are doing which is why I tend to use both CSS Hero and Divi Booster to speed up my workflow. I know how to code. I know how to write CSS to control how a website looks. I know how to edit PHP to change the functionality of a website. BUT, I still use CSS Hero and Divi Bosster to save time, stress and to reduce the chance of code errors in my edits.

So, unless you are a superstar coder who can knock these things out quicker than it takes to load up CSS Hero or check a check box in Divi Booster then you probably want to take a look at these 2 great plugins to help customise your Divi theme with ease.

So, what’s the difference between CSS Hero and Divi Booster?

CSS Hero and Divi Booster basically offer 2 different things and can be used together to control your Divi theme exactly how you want to.

CSS Hero is a general-purpose tool for changing the style of Divi using CSS. The in-browser interface allows you to create CSS edits to your Divi site without knowing any CSS code. You can change layouts, alignment, font sizes, colors and so on.

Divi Booster, tends to offer “fixes” that are not just easily changed with simple CSS like in CSS Hero. Divi Booster uses CSS, JavaScript and PHP to control how Divi displays and functions.

Divi Booster and CSS Hero work well together. Using both plugins will give you the most complete set of configuration options for Divi, letting you both take control of the basic look of your site and take it to the next level. I recently updated my personal blog to Divi and used both plugins to get the desired effects I wanted. I saved a huge amount of time and managed to get it looking exactly how I wanted.

CSS Hero starts from $39 and Divi Booster is $19

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