The Divi changelog is a version history text file that lists a summary of all the updates that have been made for each new version of Divi.

Divi is regularly updated to add new features, improve existing features, fix bugs, and occasionally patch a security issue and each update will be recorded in the official changelog file. Each entry in the changelog file will describe what changes were made within Divi and list the files modified in the update. Each changelog entry will show you the date the version was released.

What is the latest version of Divi?

The Divi changelog is in descending chronological order so the latest version of Divi is the version listed at the top of the Divi changelog file below.  As you go down the changelog you will see the full version history right back to the version 1 initial release.

The full and current changelog for Divi is;

What does the Divi changelog record?

There are four pieces of information added for each entry to the Divi changelog which are;

  1. The Divi version number (x.xx.x)
  2. The date of the changelog update (updated MONTH-DAY-YEAR)
  3. A changelog description list that includes a short text description to explain each of the updates (-)
  4. A changelog edited files list that includes the path to each of the files that have been updated (*)

Divi changelog file

Divi version numbers explained

Divi version numbers in the changelog follow a general rule that dictates if the update is a major Divi update, a Divi feature update, or an update to fix bugs.

The format of of the changelog number would be {Major update}.{Feature update}.{Bug fix/es}

For example,

  • Divi 4.0.0 was a major version update.
  • Divi 4.14.0 was a feature version update,
  • Divi 4.14.4 was a bug-fix version update,

Do I need to update to the latest Divi version?

If your site is already built and you do not need the new features that come with an update then you do not need to update the Divi Theme.

If the update is a bug fix or security update then it would be advisable to update your version of Divi.

With so many WordPress plugins available and different hosting environments, it’s impossible to ensure 100% compatibility for everyone, so updating Divi Theme can cause conflicts and issues. Personally, I usually find it best to wait a week or two after a  major update as they are usually followed soon after with several bug fixes.

How do I know what version of Divi I have?

To view your version of DIvi you can navigate to Appearance > Themes and click on the Theme Details link in your WordPress dashboard. If a new version is available, you can click the Update now link. Updates will also appear in the dashboard menu updates section.

Updating to the latest version of Divi

Now you know how to understand the Divi changelog and the updates to the Divi theme it represents you will want to update your own version of Divi. We have a full tutorial on how to update your Divi theme or you can watch the quick video tutorial below from Elegant Themes.

The general steps to update Divi to the latest version would be;

  1. Go to the Elegant Themes members login page and log in using your username and password.
  2. In your dashboard click on the Account tab and then on Your API Key. Copy your API key or add a new API key.
  3. In your WordPress dashboard go to Divi Theme Options and click on the Updates tab. Enter your Elegant Themes username (same as your login username) and your API key you just copied and save the settings.
  4. Divi will now automatically notify you in your dashboard when updates are available and you can update Divi via the dashboard update page.
  5. Go to Dashboard > Updates and check the checkbox next to Divi Theme and click on Update Themes.
  6. Your site will go into maintenance mode for a short time (usually less than 30 seconds) while Divi is updating.
  7. You have just updated Divi to the latest version and you will get a message to confirm Divi updated successfully.

How often is Divi updated?

As you can see from the Divi changelog, the theme is regularly updated. There are times when there are fewer updates which may indicate that the Elegant Themes team is working on a new major update. The current development of Divi 5.0 has reduced the number of feature updates for example. You keep an eye out on the Elegant Themes blog for Divi roadmap posts that will keep you informed of what future updates are planned.

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