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What is a Divi child theme?

A child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality and styling of the parent theme which in our case is Divi. We use a child theme to customize the design, layout or functionality of our websites without editing the actual (Divi) theme files.

By making these changes in the child theme rather than editing the Divi files themselves we can update Divi as new versions are released without loosing any of our customizations.

divi child theme and wordpress

Blank or premium Divi child theme?

A Divi Child Theme will fall into 1 of 2 categories:

  1. A blank or starter child theme which allows you to make updates to your Divi files without losing them when you update Divi. Just download Bare Bones on Divi Theme Examples which is a free blank child theme for Divi.
  2. A pre-designed premium child theme is essentially  a blank child theme that has had various customized files added already. These are used if you don’t have the time or skills to set up a website yourself using the Divi theme. 

If you are still unsure what a Child Theme is or why you would need one, check out this posts for more info: Divi Child Themes: What, why and how.

300+ Free & Premium Divi Child Theme listings in the directory  

There are currently 300+ child themes listed below and they are a hand picked selection of all available from various 3rd party Divi developers.

If you are looking for a more refined selection of what I (yes, this is just my opinion based on design and what I know of developers reputation) consider to be the best child themes from the best Divi developers, you will find them in in the best Child Themes category in the Best Divi Child Theme category in the main Divi Theme Examples showcase gallery.

There are not too many (good) free child themes available as a good child theme requires quite a lot of work to create, but there are a few available from various Divi developers. So, if you don’t like paying for your Divi child themes then check out all the free Divi child themes available on Divi Theme Examples.

Layouts are a different story with many free Divi layouts available to download and load into your site. Elegant themes release 2 multi-page free Divi layout packs each and every week and for  creating a website with free resources this is the place to start.  You can find even more in the Divi Layout directory.

Do you have a Divi Child Theme not listed?

If you have a child theme  for Divi that is not listed on this site already, then drop me a line via the contact form with a link and I will take a look at getting it added. To maintain quality on the site I don’t list every single child theme, so before you submit please take a look at what is already available and think how yours compares. There are a lot of child themes available for Divi and many are very good, so spending the extra time to produce something of high quality will give you a much better chance to generate sales. 

Affiliate disclosure: Some links on this page may contain affiliate codeand the owner of this website will be paid a commission on any sales that result from purchases made via these links. If you choose to purchase via links on Divi Theme Examples you will be helping to keep this website a forever free resource for the Divi community.

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