Things I saw in the Divi Theme community this week.

After 100 days of the Divi freebies, Divi 3 has been released and whilst there have been a few bugs (solved by the 3.0.1-4 updates) I think it has been another sucessful product upgrade from Elegant Themes. The front-end builder has taken a little getting used to, but I know i will be using it to make content creation and updates much faster than i have been with the back end page builder.

So if you have a few minutes between playing with your newly updated Divi 3, take a loot at some of the other interesting links from around the Divi community.

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Divi 3.0 is released

After a long 100 day wait we now have Divi 3 (Divi 3.0.4 actually) which includes the all new front-end editor, which allows you to build and edit in real time on the front-end of your website.

Get 20% off Elegant Themes membership upgrades

Time to upgrade your ET membership? This limited time offer will give you 20% off the price of your upgrade.

Agency Dark Child theme + 3 more new child themes added

Agency Dark child theme for Divi is a single page design designed for creating websites for agencies or small businesses.

Side By Side Customizable HTML Buttons

A Divi tutorial from A Girl and Her Mac showing you how you can put Divi buttons side by side in the same column.

De-queue Divi Builder Plugin Scripts and Styles when not needed

A function that simply removes the Divi Builder Plugin scripts and styles when they aren’t being used on the current page or post.

limit the number of post/page versions stored in the database without a plugin.

Clear your post revisions without a plugin using this code from SJ in your functions.php file.

Divi Visual Editor: Adding a hover border to modules

Add hover border on modules within the visual editor with this css snippet (also available in the Divi Booster plugin).

Divi Booster plugin + Divi 3

Dan Mossop explains how Divi 3 will affect his popular Divi Booster plugin.

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