**UPDATE** **The Divi CSS selector eBook is now FREE at divi.space!**

Always trying to figure out what bit of Divi CSS does what when you are trying to customize a Divi site?

Then you probably will find this eBook from Divi.space pretty usefu : A 60 page eBook (Interactive PDF Format) of Divi’s unique CSS selectors.
divi css ebook

“If you’re making CSS changes to your Divi Theme powered website then the Divi Selectors eBook is going to save you time. It’s as simple as that.
The Divi Selectors eBook contains over 200 unique selectors used to target various elements of the Divi Theme. This 60 page eBook contains handy ‘module map’ images for all of the popular elements of a Divi website. If you’ve used tools like ‘inspect element’ before, then you’ll know that it can be difficult to find the right CSS selectors, which can lead to changes affecting more than you meant them to, or not working at all. This eBook makes targeting the right elements easy.”

Comes with over 200 unique selectors with instruction on how to target:
Accordions, Audio Players, Bar Counters, Blogs, Blurbs, Call To Actions, Circle Counters, Contact Forms, Countdown Timers, Email Opt-Ins, Portfolio Grids, Galleries, Images, Logins, Maps, Number Counters, Persons, Pricing Tables, Shops, Sliders, Tabs, Testimonials, Toggles, Video Sliders

The eBook costs $22 and is available to buy at Divi.space 

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