Elegant Themes will now be releasing 2 new free layout packs every week

It’s not been too long since Elegant Themes announced they were going to be releasing a new layout pack each and every Monday for Divi users to use for free and without any restrictions, and today they have announced they are doubling their efforts and releasing 2 free layouts packs every week. Amazing news for everyone in the Divi community and another great reason why Elegant Themes and Divi have become the #1 WordPress theme in the market.

All of these new Divi layout packs can be previewed and loaded into your site directly from your Divi builder and they will all still be added to the Divi Layout Directory which includes all the Elegant Themes layouts (including those not available via the Divi builder) along with all the free and premium 3rd party layouts for Divi.

…the Design Initiative 2.0. We are doubling down on design, doubling the size of our design team, and doubling the amount of amazing design resources that we will be producing, starting today. That means that you can look forward to two new Divi Layout Packs every week, for free.

Free stock images too

Each layout pack also comes with a range of stock images, graphics  and icons related to the layout packs niche that are once again totally free to use. No more worrying if that free image you found online is actually free or if it may land you in copyright-infringement-hot-water.

A rapidly growing collection of high quality stock images from Elegant Themes is just another bonus for the Divi community to help your web development as easy as possible. As Divi Theme Examples is a place to organize everything Divi I have set up a page just for these stock images to make it easy to find which layout pack an image belongs to.

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