Divi Developers Divi Child Theme (now XML file)

A Divi child theme for your Ageny portfolio site

Divi Developers Child Theme is now incompatible with later versions of Divi so you can download an XML file to import into your new Divi Theme website.

This is an old xml file which can still be imprted using the wordpress importer, but there are many, more recent and better Divi layouts to download for free. I will leave this link up just in case anyone particularly want’s it…

Use the download link to the right and follow the instruction in the video below to set it up.

The Divi Developers Child Theme below is no longer working with the latest Divi theme, so please download the xml file at the top right of the page and follow instructions in the video. Content below for reference only. Thanks.

Divi Developers is a FREE Divi child theme you can activate on your WordPress website. For this child theme to work, you need to have a copy of the Elegant Themes Divi theme installed into your WordPress website. Feel free to use it as you like for any purpose. This is a free Divi child theme and as such comes as is.

star cafe divi child theme

To use this child theme you will need to;

1. Install the Divi parent theme (affiliate link) by Elegant Themes.

2. Then install and activate the Divi Developers child theme.

3. Create and publish a new blank page. Then, activate the page builder and scroll down and load the layout required for your page. The layouts for this child theme start are Developers – home/about/portfolio/prices/blog/contact. Repeat to set up all the pages you want.

4. Create a new menu and assign it as the primary navigation. Add pages to the menu once they are created using step 3 above.

5. In settings>reading set your home page as a static homepage

6. Customize the link/menu/accent colors using the Divi customizer. I used the Raleway font for the headers and standard body font and this can also be set in the Divi customizer.

7. The home page anchor link (where the full-screen image links to the intro text section) needs to be updated with the URL of your site. The link can be found and edited in the home page full-width slider at the top of the page. Edit the button URL to your website before the /#intro

8. add projects as you would usually do in Divi. Tutorial here.

The child theme zip contains 5 files.

1. footer.php – if you’re feeling kind, leave the link to Divi Theme Examples 😉

2. functions.php – edited to include the page layouts for Divi Developers. This can be deleted once pages are created.

3. header.php – added the JavaScript code for the full-screen header and navigation fade

4. A style.css – where you can add your own extra custom CSS to style your child theme further.

5. A screenshot.png which shows up in your themes section so it looks nice.

Resources  Tiled Background images – http://bg.siteorigin.com/ Animated giff on homepage – http://preloaders.net/en/miscellaneous People icons – https://www.creativetail.com/22-free-people-icons/ Images – http://www.pexels.com/ Full page image code – http://wpdots.com/cover-slider/

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