Elegant Marketplace (the people behind the Divi Theme Users group on Facebook) have just released DIVI FIXr, a premium support service for help with those Divi issues you cannot find a solution to in the various online Divi resources, or the very helpful Divi Facebook groups or just don’t have the time to do yourself.

They offer help with anything Divi related, such as: CSS, Image Sizing, Compression, Security, Hosting, Duplicating your site and moving the hosting, Mentoring and Education.

Have you got some issues that are not being fixed through the various help channels.
Do you need that little bit of extra help? NO need to pay now, just fill in the form below.
Here’s how we can help

Image Sizing
Duplicating your site and moving the hosting

Each Support task is within a half an hour time frame.
We will not ask you to pay until we know what the issue is and have quoted you a price to undertake the work.
Some services may attract a monthly fee from us for mentoring and training too. Or you may decide to enter into a monthly maintenance plan that we can quote you for as well.
Just fill in the form below and one of our DIVI FIXrs will contact you either for more information or a price to fix your issue.

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