Divi gives you access to 1600+ Google fonts from within the Divi Builder which should be more than enough for most websites.

  • By default, Divi will use the Open Sans font
  • You can use any of the 1601 Google fonts
  • You can upload your custom font files
  • You can preview the fonts available in Divi via the Divi Builder, the Google Fonts website, or our A-Z of Divi fonts document below.

The default Divi font

The default font in Divi is Open Sans which “is a humanist sans serif typeface designed by Steve Matteson,” and just like every Divi font, it can be previewed on the Google Fonts website. Open Sans is the font applied to all Divi header and body text unless you change it in the Theme Customizer typography settings.

divi default font open sans

How many fonts are there in Divi?

Divi has currently 1601 fonts by default which are the same fonts found in the Google Fonts collection. As the Google fonts collection grows, so do the fonts available to use in Divi.

The number of fonts in Divi will grow as the number available via Google Fonts grows. When a new Google font is added to their collection it will show up and be available to use in the Divi Builder as a Divi theme font automatically.

If a thousand plus fonts are not enough font options for you, you also can upload your custom fonts in either TTF or OTF formats which will give you access to unlimited fonts for your Divi website.

How to preview the Divi font list

You can preview all of the Divi fonts either within the Divi Builder font drop-down lists or by using the official Google Fonts website.

The best way to preview the full Divi fonts list is to

  1. Go to the Google Fonts website to search and preview fonts
  2. Once you have your font name use the search bar in Divi to find your font

The Google Fonts page displays the full collection of fonts and allows you to search, filter, sort, and demo fonts. The filter options for fonts allow you to search for handwritten fonts, popular fonts, or any number of other style choices. You can filter by font technology, decorative stroke, classification, and properties.

Once you have chosen your font here you can then use the dropdown in the Divi Builder to select your font within your website. Language

Divi fonts list preview


Alternatively, when using the Divi Builder the Divi fonts preview will show in any modules that have text options. Whilst this means you stay within the Divi Builder font list this method can be more time-consuming having to hover over the font and wait for it to load.

To preview the fonts in the Divi Builder you need to go into the Design settings tab and click on the Text or Heading Text sections. You will then see a drop-down menu for either the Text Font or Text Heading Font where you can see all Divi font options.

As you hover over each font in the drop-down list you will see the live preview load.

Preview the A-Z list of Divi Fonts

If you want to see all the current Divi fonts in an easy-to-view document you can use our Google Fonts page


How do I change the global default fonts?

  1. In your WordPress admin area go to Appearance > Customize to load the Theme Customizer (or click on Theme Customizer in the front-end admin menu)
  2. Go to General Settings > Typography
  3. Scroll down to the Header Font or Body Font sections
  4. Click on each drop-down menu and select your global header and body fonts. You can use the font search box at the top if you know the name of the font you wish to use.
  5. Click “Save and Publish” and your global default fonts will be saved.

While you are in the Typography settings tab of the Theme Customizer you can also set global body text size, body line height, header text size, header letter spacing, header line height, header font style, body link color, body text color, and header text color. change divi default fonts in customizer

How to upload a new custom font in Divi?

If Divi doesn’t have the particular font you need to use, you can add your custom fonts within the Divi Builder. Supported font file formats are TTF (TrueType Font) and OTF (OpenType Font) files but you can use an online font converter if it is another font format.

To upload and add your custom font into the Divi font list you will need to follow the steps below.

  1. Open any module with a text component
  2. Go to the Design tab then click on either the Text or Heading Text sections
  3. Click on the Text Font or Heading Text Font drop-down menus
  4. Click on the Upload button at the top of the drop-down menu
  5. In the pop-up, you can give your new font a name and select the font file to upload
  6. Hit upload and your font will be added to the list of Divi fonts.

how to upload fonts in divi

Disable Google fonts in Divi

You can disable Google Fonts and Google Fonts Subsets in the Divi Theme Options. Just navigate to Divi > Theme Options and you will see the toggle to enable or disable Google Fonts halfway down the page.

Disable google fonts in Divi Theme

Diable Google Fonts if you want to keep it simple and stop clients from picking unsuitable fonts or just stick with the default Divi font and hide all the other options in the Theme Settings. Below is what you will see within Divi text settings with Google Fonts disabled in the Theme Options.

disable google fonts in Divi

What are the best fonts for Divi?

What the best Divi fonts are is a personal choice, but by viewing the Google fonts analytics page you can see what the most popular fonts are. This site lists all Google fonts sorted by how many people are using them and allows you to select from the past 7, 30, 90 days, and 1-year statistics.

Using this ranked list is a great way to select which is the best font to use for your website when you are having trouble deciding from the huge number of options.

Popular fonts are popular for a reason, so if you pick a font from the top of this list you should be confident that you will be using a quality font.

Best handwriting fonts for Divi

By using the filters and display settings in the Google Fonts page you can easily find the best fonts for any particular style. For example, the screen below gives us the list of handwritten style fonts ordered by the most popular.

Divi handwriting fonts

Top 10 best Divi & Google fonts

The best fonts for Divi depend on your own needs and style, but the options on the Google Fonts website allow you to display the fonts sorted by the most popular. This will quickly give you an idea of what other people like and use.

Currently, the best and most popular fonts used in Divi are;

  1. Roboto
  2. Open Sans
  3. Noto Sans Japanese
  4. Montserrat
  5. Lato
  6. Poppins
  7. Inter
  8. Roboto Condensed
  9. Roboto Mono
  10. Oswald

best divi fonts

If you are not an experienced designer then try not picking pretty fonts that will perform poorly on your website and stick with popular tried and tested fonts.

How to choose the best header and body font pairs?

You can use as many fonts as you like in your Divi website but good design practice means you will likely want to set one font for your text headings (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc) and one for your body text (p). The selection of these 2 fonts is known as font-pairing and they should compliment each other for good styling.

With so many Google/Divi fonts listed in the official Google font repository and available to choose from in Divi, it can be daunting to pick the best font combination for your website.

There are a few resources online to help pick font pairs such as the Font Pair website and the Google article on pairing typefaces.

Divi font pairing website

The Font Pair website allows you to browse in various font category pairs such as Sans-Serif/Serif Serif/Sans-Serif Sans-Serif/Sans-Serif Display/Sans-Serif etc. You can also search for a particular font that will give you all available font pairs using your selected font.

Final thoughts on Divi fonts

Divi allows you access to the full list of Google fonts which is very extensive and perhaps even too extensive. On several site I use the default open sans font and am happy with the simple look it gives.

What are your favorite fonts for Divi?

*This post was originally published in April 2015

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