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All layouts on Divi Theme Examples will always be free. All I ask is that you use the social share buttons to share on Facebook or Google and help spread the word about Divi Theme Examples and our free layouts AND do not re-distribute these layouts on your own website.

You can find all Divi layouts from Elegant Themes, Divi Theme Examples and the whole Divi community over at the Divi Layouts directory which has the most comprehensive searchable collection of layout templates available.

divi business pack

Business / Corporate pack

free Divi footer layouts

5x Divi Footer Layouts

Divi restaurant pack

Restaurant pack

free divi photographer layout pack

Wedding Photographer pack

flip cards

Flip Cards

Header & Testimonials

Header & Testimonials

transform hover

Transform hover portfolio

image hover effects

image hover effects


5 Contact Forms

blurb hover

Blurb hover layouts

divi comparison chart layout

Dark layout pack

divi comparison chart layout

Vertical dividers layout

minimal and flat layout

Minial and Flat layout

divi tutorial json download

Title & showcase layout

horizontal pricing table layout

Horizontal pricing tables

divi comparison chart layout

Comparison Chart layout

divi tutorial overlapping section

Overlapping layout

Creative symbols with Divi .json

Divi symbols layout

gallery testimonial layout .json

Gallery testimonial layout

abstract lines with Divi .json

Abstract lines Divi

Creative Navigation Header with Divi .json

Divi Box Shadow page with Divi

Creative Navigation Header with Divi .json

Creative Navigation Header

free divi layout a-z index .json

A-Z index with tooltips

free divi layout divi-section-dividers-free-JSON-layout--3

ET section dividers demo

free divi layout Expanding CTA Section with Divi ext

ET expanding CTA section demo

free divi layout process timeline

ET process timeline layout

How to Design a Unique Diagonal Layout with Divi

ET diagonal page layout

free divi layout overlapping images +vertical text

ET overlapping images + vertical text demo

free divi layout text background image

ET text with background image demo

divi layout for text as design element

ET text as creative design element demo

divi layout for work experience section

ET work experience tutorial section demo

Download free divi layout for section dividers

ET Section dividers demo

Download divi layout for interior design agency

Interior Design Agency

free divi layout for portfolio case study

Portfolio case study

Download divi layout for interior design agency

Pizza Shop Layout

free divi layout for dog walkers

1 Page Divi Layout for dog walker

Divi layout for yoga and pilates

1 Page Divi Layout for Pilates/Yoga classes


1 Page Divi Layout for personal resume/CV

divi layout for virtual assistant VA

1 Page Divi Layout for virtual assistant/VA

Divi layout pack for eBook download

1 Page Divi Layout for eBook

Divi layout pack for yoga studio download

1 Page Divi Layout for Yoga Studio

Divi layout pack for barbers download

Divi Barbers 1 page website

Divi layout pack for barbers download

The Spa 1 page website

free Divi layout pack for cafe download

Two Cafe 1 page website

Free Divi layout pack for church website

The Way Church Layout Kit

Free Divi layout pack for sales page

Sales Page Layout

Free Divi layout for floating sections

Divi Floating Section Dividers

Free Divi layout for contact page

Contact Page Layout

Free Divi layout for person module

5x Divi Person Modules Layout

Free Divi layout for testimonial slider

Testimonial Sliders

Free Divi layout for circle counter module

Divi Circle Counter Module Designs

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