Gallery page best practices

Here are a few quick tips for building a killer photo gallery page;

  • Use high-quality images but optimize for online use so that the image quality and image file size are optimized
  • Don’t upload photos directly from your camera or phone
  • Select fewer images so only your best is on display
  • Use the built-in Divi Gallery module for a fully functional image gallery with popups and pagination
  • Add image Alt tags (manually in the Divi image module) for SEO and to let Google know what your image is
  • Keep the gallery updated

Divi layouts for gallery pages

The Divi gallery page layouts listed below are free to use for both personal and client websites.

Each of the page templates listed below is part of the Divi layouts packs that are included within the Divi Theme, and there are currently 16 gallery page templates included within the Divi library.

1. Design Conference Gallery Page

Divi Design Conference Gallery Page

The Design Conference gallery page layout displays videos and images manually using the Divi Video and Divi Image modules. The videos are in a two-column landscape layout and the images are in a three-column portrait layout. There is a short header section with text intro above the gallery and a sign-up section below. Below the sign-up is a client logo gallery using Divi Image modules and a contact section at the bottom of the page.

Load this Divi gallery layout directly from the Divi Builder for free.

2. Divi Wedding Engagement Gallery Page

Divi Wedding Engagement Gallery Page

The Divi Wedding Engagement gallery page layout is built manually using Divi Image modules and includes 8 images. The images are aligned in an irregular grid and come with various background shapes and patterns. There are subtle shadows throughout the page to help the images stand over the background colors and patterns. There is a parallax image background on the heading at the top of the page and a Countdown Timer module and Contact Form module at the bottom of the page.

Load this Divi gallery layout directly from the Divi Builder for free.

3. Divi Bistro Gallery Page

Divi Bistro Gallery Page

The Divi Bistro layout pack gallery page is split into 3 smaller galleries for Kitchen, bar, and story with each having a featured image and text header along with 3 smaller images below. The featured image has a subtle off-center background color. Each of the images is added using the Divi Image module but you can toggle the open in lightbox popup option in the modules. Extend modules styles to set for all images in one go. There is a contact form at the bottom of the page.

Load this Divi gallery layout directly from the Divi Builder for free.

4. Divi Fashion Gallery Page

Divi masonry gallery module

The Divi Fashion gallery page comes with a simple header and footer and a Divi masonry gallery in the main content. Images are added manually using Divi Image modules in 3 columns to give a masonry-style layout. Each of the images has the Open In Lightbox setting toggled on so that a user can click the image to open the full-size image in a popup. As the images are added manually the user cannot click through the images like in an image module. Load this Divi gallery layout directly from the Divi Builder for free.

5. Actor CV Gallery Page

Divi actors CV gallery

The Actor CV gallery page is created manually using Divi Image and video modules along with a mix of text modules. There is a Video module at the top of the page along with the intro text with the main image gallery further down the page showing six images. The 6 image grid could quite easily be recreated using the Gallery module so that the images can be opened in a popup window. The page comes with subtle drop shadows and background shapes throughout the page.

Load this Divi gallery layout directly from the Divi Builder for free.

6. Boutique Gallery Page

Divi shop gallery page

The Boutique gallery page comes with a full-width 4×4 grid of Images using Divi Image modules. Below is a shop module to display the latest products from the WooCommerce shop. Using fixed images on a WooCommerce powered online store may not be the best option as they will need to be manually replaced as products are updated. The grid gallery could be used better for images of a physical store, products being created, owners, etc. Below this is a footer with store location and opening hours.

Load this Divi gallery layout directly from the Divi Builder for free.

7. Restaurant Gallery Page

Divi restaurant gallery pahe

The Restaurant gallery page is more of a standard gallery layout with an image gallery as the main content of the page with a simple header and footer above and below. The images are added manually using image modules rather than a Gallery module, which would offer further optional features and ease of updates. If you like the layout of this page, I would remove the images and replace them with a Gallery module. The footer has 2 floating panes for contact details and a contact form.

Load this Divi gallery layout directly from the Divi Builder for free.

Pre-designed gallery page templates that ship with Divi

Divi includes pre-designed website templates that can be loaded into your pages using the Divi Builder. Each layout pack comes with various templates and many include a template for a gallery page. Divi layout packs are a valuable resource for Divi users and come with the following features;

  • Layouts are for personal or commercial use
  • Included in the Divi Builder to load directly in your page
  • Images are created by Elegant Themes and are 100% royalty-free
  • There are 7-9 page layout for each website template
  • Layouts are designed and built by professionals at Elegant Themes

** The gallery page layouts listed below are included within the Divi Builder **

To use these Divi gallery page templates

To use these gallery Layouts to your Divi pages you can follow these steps;

  1. load the Backed Builder and click on “Load Layouts” > “Premade Layouts”, OR
    In the front-end Visual Builder, open the settings bar and click on the “+” icon and select Premade layouts.
  2. Browse to, or search for, the layout pack you want to use, then select the page layout and click on “Use This Layout”.

Final thoughts on gallery page templates

The images within your gallery are the key to making it truly great, but by building a functional and attractive Divi gallery page you can help showcase those images to the fullest potential.

Whether you choose to use the Divi gallery module for its built-in functionality or create something a little more unique using Divi image modules, a gallery page is great for visually showing users what is on offer.

Remember to keep images optimized for a fast loading site and only show off your best images.

If you have a great gallery page on your Divi website you would like to show off, drop the URL in the comments below.

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