A landing page is designed as a standalone webpage that aims to efficiently educate your potential customers about your business, product or service and turn them into paying customers or to gather their information for retargeting. It is common that a landing page is the first page a visitor will see after clicking on your social media, e-mail and SERP campaigns.

Unlike your homepage, a landing page will usually have a single objective and CTA (Call-To-Action) such as gathering names and emails for lead generation or to sell a product. The page will focus on a single outcome and all content on the page will focus on persuading the user to take that desired outcome. Any distractions that don’t contribute to the end goal for the page should be removed where possible.

Whilst a landing page may have the same styling as your main website, they will usually not have any navigation, footer or sidebar. This reduces the number of distracting links and content so that the focus of the page remains on converting a single CTA.

Some of the key features of a landing page would include;

  • A very clear CTA (Call-To-Action) as a lead-capture form, button or contact method.
  • Your elevator pitch with unique USP (Unique Selling Point) to effectively persuade the user to follow your CTA.
  • Social proof, reviews, testimonials, and factual evidence to support your claims.
  • A single page separated from the main website which usually means no header navigation and minimal footer for any legal disclaimers etc.
  • Few or no exit-links links to anywhere, except the desired CTA action.
  • Special offers and deals, often accompanied by a countdown timer.

If you are planning to run an advertising campaign linked to a dedicated landing page then you can find some useful tips on landing page copywriting for B2B landing pages, tips on getting the highest conversion rates with landing page optimization and find out what results you should be expecting by looking at what the average landing page conversion rates are for different industries.

Divi landing page examples

Divi comes with all the tools you will need to create a high-converting landing page, so all you need now is some inspiration.

Check out the landing page examples built with Divi below that will help to show you how a landing page should be structured and how to effectively use CTAs to encourage your users to take a specific course of action. For more Divi examples, you can visit the showcase gallery which currently has listings of over 2000 of the best, hand-picked Divi websites.

Look After My Bills landing page for lead-gen

energy deals site landing page

Look After My Bills is a business in the UK that finds the best deals from energy providers and helps their users access the deals.

The page has a clean and clear design with light greys, muted dark blue, and a yellow highlight color. Unlike other examples in this list, their landing page does have a menu with access to other pages on the website but it is a fixed, mobile style burger menu that disappears off the page as you scroll down so provides little distraction. Each of the internal pages in this menu are extended versions of the sections on the landing page.

The CTA for this landing page is the join now sign-up form which is prominently placed above-the-fold at the very top of the page and again at the bottom of the page.

The main elements that make up this landing page are;

  • Intro section + CTA
  • Trust Pilot reviews
  • Explanation of how it works
  • Suppliers they work with
  • Mini F.A.Q. section
  • Media mentions
  • The guarantee they offer
  • Contact details
  • A 2nd, Full-width CTA
  • Basic footer with Terms and conditions, Privacy policy, Cookie Notice, Affiliates, FAQs and Contact Us links

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Paleo Grubs e-Book landing page for sales

The Paleo Brub Cookbook is an e-book specializing in Paleo food with 470 Paleo recipes and 10-week meal plan.

This landing page aims to educate the user on what Paleo is, what is in the e-book and what special offer they have. A common feature of e-book landing pages is that there is little or no mention that the book in actually an e-book. In this case, the e-book and the e-book freebies have real book visualizations and the only mention of e-book only comes below the 1st CTA in the F.A.Q. section. There is, however, a clue on the CTA button in low contrast text that says “You will be given instant access”.

The main CTA for this landing page is a buy now button (Get The Paleo Grubs Book Now) which is located near the bottom of the page and leads to the check-out page for the e-book on ClickBank. A F.A.Q. section and a 2nd CTA follow below the main CTA.

The main elements that make up this landing page are;

  • Intro section + product image (e-book represented as a real book)
  • A video introducing the benefits of Paleo food
  • An example of what’s in the e-book
  • 3 special offers to get a 10-day meal plan and 2 recipe e-books for free
  • Client testimonials
  • Money-back guarantee
  • the CTA buy now button with payment options and the deal price
  • F.A.Q. section
  • 2nd CTA button to buy the book

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Radical Beauty Book landing page for sales

book landing page example

The Radical Beauty book is a book specializing the six pillars of healthy living: Internal and External Nourishment, Beauty Sleep, Primal Beauty, Movement, and Spiritual Beauty.

The New York Times bestseller award logo and availability via a number of reputable distributors help give this landing page some extra credibility with users. Users are kept on the page as there are no exit-links on the page except to the check-out pages on the book distributors website and to submit the lead gen email form.

The primary CTA for this landing page is to buy the book via one of the 8 distributors listed on the landing page. The sales CTA has 8 logos that lead to the 8 different distributors and these are repeated 4 times between sections of the page. A secondary CTA at the bottom of the page is an email sign-up form to capture leads for those who are not yet ready to make a purchase.

The main elements that make up this landing page are;

  • Intro section + product image + New York Times bestseller logo
  • 1st CTA section with links to distributors via their logos
  • Customer testimonials
  • 2st CTA section with links to distributors via their logos
  • More info on what’s in the book
  • 3rd CTA section with links to distributors via their logos
  • Two Author Bios
  • Books table of contents
  • 4th CTA section with links to distributors via their logos
  • 5th CTA for email sign-up
  • Footer with the privacy policy, TOS, sweepstakes rules and copyright

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Where to find Divi Landing page templates

If you are short on time and/or your design skills are lacking, but want to start generating sales and subscriptions ASAP, then you can find the best selection of high quality free & premium Divi layouts for landing pages in the Divi layout directory. The layouts directory is an independent collection of 3rd party Divi layouts and will provide details of the layout with a direct link to the developers’ website when you will be able to download the layout.

Divi landing page layouts

If you are still looking for landing page templates, Elegant Themes provide a number of free resources designed specifically for creating landing pages. Each of the Divi layout packs that come free within the Divi Builder premade layouts section all include a landing page template as part of the pack. 

Along with these Divi Builder layouts, Elegant Themes also released a Landing page UI kit designed specifically for creating landing pages. This UI kit is from back in 2016, but good design stands the test of time and many of the design resources can still be very useful.

Show us what you got & start landing some clients now

If you have a great example of a landing page built with Divi, drop a link in the comments and show of your skills.

Good luck with converting your landing page visitors into clients!

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