Finding, previewing and saving your Divi Layouts just got easier.

Problem – With an ever growing collection of 200+ Divi layouts listed on the Divi Layout pages on Divi Theme Examples, it was becoming hard to find the layout I wanted.

Solution – Move to Bali for a month, get membership at Hubud co-working space, hang out with Fabio from Creative Child Themes… and build a new searchable Divi Layouts Directory to collate categorized and tagged layouts with full page scrolling screen-shot previews and the ability to create your own wishlist of layouts.

And so, the Divi Layouts Directory is born!

divi layout screens

There are still a few features I’m thinking of adding to the directory, but for now, take a look around and feel free to drop a comment below or contact me via the site with any feedback, feature requests or to submit a layout you may want to share with the Divi Community.

Enjoy finding your perfect layouts…


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