Find all your Divi Theme layouts on Divi Theme Examples

Divi Theme Examples is an ever growing resource for all things Divi and as such it was time to make an update to our Divi Layouts Page. I have been loading layout demos into the Divi Layout Demos section for a while now, but there wasn’t always a clear link to where these layouts can be viewed. Now there is.

Layouts from Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes continue to release top quality layout packs for Divi and now you can find, preview and click through to free download pages all from Divi Theme Examples layouts page. I have added some graphics for all the layout packs that are coming from Elegant Themes so you can easily get a quick idea of what each pack includes. Below each pack, you can also click to see the live layout demos or to go to to the download page.

Layouts from Divi Theme Examples

We still have the layouts that are available to download from Divi Theme Examples, and there will be new ones added soon, so bookmark this page and come back soon. If you have a free layout you would like to add to the Divi Theme Example layout collection please drop me a line.

Layouts from Everywhere

There are also a number of other free and premium layout resources around the Divi community and those will be listed too, so you have all the Divi layouts at your fingertips. If you have a Divi layout resource you would like to add to this resource page, please drop me a line.

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