46 Divi theme Modules

What are Divi modules and how do we use them?

Divi modules are the content building blocks that you will use to create your website when using the Divi Theme or the Divi builder plugin.

Divi Builder modules (dark grey) can be added into the columns of any standard row (green), which in turn sits inside a column (blue). Divi full-width modules can only go inside a full width section (purple).

Each of the Divi builder module is designed to allow you to easily add specific types of content to your website from basic text through to contact forms and product listings, without having to code them in yourself.

Once you have added a module into the Divi builder you can customize it with your own content and style it within the module settings. Modules (and rows and sections) can then be moved by drag & drop anywhere within your page or saved to use on another page or site.

Divi section row and module

How many Divi modules are there?

Divi comes pre-loaded by default with 46 modules so you are able to start building your site right out-of-the-box.

37 of these modules are designed for use within the regular width sections and 9 are only for use within a full-width section.

There are also many 3rd party developers who have created additional custom modules (usually via a Divi plugin) to further extend the building block options  and functionality within Divi.

Standard and specialty section modules

The following 37 modules can be inserted into any column within the standard and specialty Divi sections.


The Accordion module has vertical sections of hidden content that are opened on click, with the  previously-opened accordion section being closed as each new one is opened.

Divi accordion module


The audio module allows you to add an audio file into your site complete with an audio player with basic player controls to play it.

divi audio module

Bar Counters

The bar counters module allows you to add animated horizontal bar counters but best not to use to show you are 83% good at Photoshop.

divi audio moduledivi bar counter module


The blog module allows you to add posts from your blog anywhere on the page and offers more styling options than the default blog page.

divi blog module


The blurb module combines text and image/icon into one and is one of the most popular modules in Divi. Try some quick CSS copy and pasting to restyle your blurb module with hover effects.

diiv blurb module


The Button module lets you add a fully customized button anywhere on your page. Control site wide button styles via the theme customizer and edit each instance as required.

divi button module

Call To Action

The call-to-action module is a combination of a title, body text and a button and is designed to get your visitors clicking

divi call to action module

Circle Counter 

The circle counter module displays a single number or % that is represented in the animated circle graph.

divi circle counter module


The Code Module allows you to add code to your page such as plugin shortcodes or static HTML and is available as standard and full width modules.

divi code module


The comments module allows you to have your blog comment anywhere on your page, rather than just below your post content as by default.

divi comments module

Contact form

The contact form module allows you to add a contact that can be fully customized including Input Options, Conditional Logic & Field Validation .

divi contact form module

Countdown Timer

The countdown timer module allows you to add a timer with days, hours, minutes and seconds that counts down to a time you specify.

divi countdown timer module


The divider module allows you to have a horizontal line and or custom vertical spacing,on your page

divi divider module

Email opt-in 

The email opt-in module allows you to easily add an email list or newsletter signup form and connect it you your email program such as MailChimp or Aweber..

divi email opt-in module

Filterable Portfolio

The Filterable Portfolio module allows you to display your projects with the option to live-filter them by category.

divi filterable project module


The image module lets you add images with optional light-box, animations, filters lazy-load and more .

divi image module


The login module adds a Divi-style WordPress login form to allow users to log in-to your site without redirecting to a branded WordPress login form.

divi login module


The maps modules allows you to embed custom Google Maps anywhere on your page.

divi map module

Number Counter

The number counter displays numbers in with a counting animation, along with your title ad text.

number counter module


The Person module combines text, an image, and social media links to provide a personal profile.

divi person module


The Portfolio module allows you to display your projects with options for full-width or grid layout, category selection and pagination.

divi portfolio module

Post Navigation

The navigation module adds previous and next buttons or text links to your posts for easy navigation..

divi post navigation module

Post Slider

The Post Slider module allows you to display your blog posts in a slider.

divi post slider module

Post Title

The Post Title Module shows the title of your current post, with the option of also showing the post Featured Image and meta data.

divi post title module

Pricing Tables

The pricing table module allows you to create tables of features and pricing for your product or service.

divi pricing table module


The shop module allows you to add woocommerce products anywhere on your site by category with options for display and sorting.

divi shop module


The sidebar module lets you display sidebar widget areas on any page and, unlike standard WordPress sidebars, customize them like any Divi module.

divi sidebar module


The slider module lets you add image, text and buttons into slides with options for controls, parallax and video backgrounds.

divi slider module

Social Follow

The social follow module lets you create cusomisable icon links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (14 networks total) social media profiles.

social follow module


The tabs module lets you create horizontally tabbed content using the WordPress default (not Divi builder) editor.

divi tabs module


The testimonial module lets quickly add a styled quote, name of the author, and a (optional) link to their website.

divi testimonial module


The text module gives you the standard WordPress text editor to use anywhere on your page.

divi text module


The toggle module allows you to toggle content open and closed – see accordion module for multiple linked toggles.

divi toggle module


The video module lets you embed videos from upload or URL and customize the thumbnail image and play button.

divi video module

Video Slider

The video slider module lets you embed multiple videos from upload or URL into a slider and customize video thumbnail images and play button.

video slider module

Full Width section modules

The following 9 modules can only be inserted into a full width Divi section.

Fullwidth Code

The full-width code module is the same as the code module but can be added to full-width sections.

fullwidth code module

Fullwidth header

The full-width header module adds header with title, sub header, content and 2 buttons that can optionally be made full-screen too.

fullwidth header module

Fullwidth Image

The full-width image module is the same as the image module but can be added to full-width sections.

fullwidth image module

Fullwidth Map

The fullwidth map module is the same as the map module but can be added to fullwidth sections.

divi fullwidth map module

Fullwidth Menu

The fullwidth menu module adds a full width menu anywhere on your page and loads menu from saved WordPress menus.

fullwidth menu module divi

Fullwidth Portfolio

The full-width portfolio module is the same as the portfolio module but can be added to full-width sections.

fullwidth portfolio module divi

Fullwidth Post Slider

The fullwidth post slider module is the same as the posts slider module but can be added in a full width section.

fullwdth posts slider module

Fullwidth Post Title

The fullwidth post title module is the same as the posts title module but can be added in a full width section.

fullwidth post title module divi

Fullwidth Slider

The fullwidth slider module is the same as the slider module but can be added in a full width section.

fullwidth slider module divi

Have you used or at least tried all 46 Divi modules?

Until I wrote this post, I must admit I hadn’t tried all 46 on the list, but now I have and hopefully will start to use a few more that I may not have thought about prior. Divi really does have a building block module for anything you can think of, so give them a try!

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