Divi Plugins & Extensions

100+ of the best plugins for Divi

Looking for the best plugins for Divi websites?

You can preview over 70+ hand-picked plugins for Divi with links directly to the official Divi marketplace or the developers’ stores. To save you from looking through the hundreds of plugins, I have listed the best right here.

A Divi plugin is an extension that can be installed on a website using the Divi theme or Divi Builder plugin to add extra functionality or new features. 

Divi is available as the Divi Builder plugin, and Elegant Themes membership includes the Bloom plugin and the Monarch plugin. All other plugins listed are built by 3rd party developers not associated with Elegant Themes.

What is a Divi plugin?

A Divi plugin is a WordPress extension that can be installed on a website using the Divi theme or Divi Builder plugin to add extra functionality or new features. 

A Divi plugin is the same as any WordPress plugin, except for the fact that it has been designed to work specifically with the Divi Theme. Just like any WordPress plugin, a Divi plugin is used to add extra features and functionality to your website.

There are plugins for every aspect of Divi. You can find roundup posts in our blog such as our post on Divi plugins for bloggers, Divi plugins for headers, Divi contact form plugins, Divi SEO plugins, and Divi plugins for adding image galleries.

Divi plugins are created by Elegant Themes and by third-party developers and are designed to extend the functionality of Divi by adding new features and tools that are not included in the core theme or builder. Some examples of Divi plugins include modules for adding advanced animations, custom post types, or additional design options for specific elements.

Divi plugins can be downloaded from various marketplaces, such as the official Divi marketplace or independent developer websites. They can be installed on a website in the same way as any other WordPress plugin and activated from the WordPress dashboard.

Where to find Divi Plugins?

There are a number of Divi developers creating plugins for Divi and a number of different places you can look to find the plugin you need.

This page on divithemeexamples.com lists all of the best plugins for Divi but there are more available in the community if you can’t find what you are looking for here.

Here are some of the best places to find Divi plugins:

  • The official Elegant Themes Divi marketplace lists all the best Divi plugins, which are also vetted for quality.
  • There are now many 3rd-party developers who sell plugins through their own websites. Plugins listed on divithemeexamples.com link to the developers’ website to buy direct.
  • There are a growing number of useful free Divi plugins being released via the official WordPress.org plugin repository.
  • Elegant Themes comes with the Monarch and Bloom plugins which are compatible with any WordPress website, and they have also released a couple of small plugins that work specifically with Divi.
How much does a Divi Plugin cost?

Pricing for Divi plugins will vary considerably depending on the complexity of the plugin to the pricing strategy of the developer but the range is currently from free to $189.

Some plugins are free, some are based on a freemium pricing model, and some are sold as premium plugins.

When choosing a premium plugin be aware that some developers will charge an auto-renewing license fee every year. Whilst this is a good way to ensure the plugin remains financially viable for the developer it can come as a surprise for the customer.

Some plugins are also available as part of a developers’ membership plan which gives access to all of their Divi products. If you are going to use several of their plugins, child themes, or other products it may well be better value for you.

There are a number of great free plugins for Divi available, but if a plugin is not generating income then there is a greater chance that they may have to abandon the plugin and stop releasing any updates and/or bug fixes.

Elegant Themes and Divi developers will have at least one sale a year with the Black Friday sales having the biggest discounts. Elegant Themes also have a summer sale and anniversary sale, and many of the third party developers have regular sales throughout the year.

How to install & update a Divi Plugin?

How to Install a Divi Plugin

You can install Divi plugins just like any WordPress plugin directly from your WordPress dashboard.

  1. login to your WordPress admin area and go to Plugins > Add New
  2. If the Divi plugin you want to use is on the https://wordpress.org/plugins/ directory then you can search for the plugin and click on the “Install Now” button
  3. If you have purchased or downloaded a free plugin from a 3rd party site you will need to click on the “Upload Plugin” at the top of the screen and select the zip file containing your plugin.
  4.  Once your plugin has been installed you will also need to hit the “Activate” button to use it on your website.

How to Update a Divi Plugin

Updating all of your plugins is important to keep your site working and secure.

You can update your Divi plugins directly from your WordPress dashboard in the Plugins section.

What plugins come with divi?

The Elegant Themes membership includes 3 standalone Divi plugins.

The plugins available are the Divi Builder plugin, the Bloom plugin, and the Monarch plugin.

The Divi Builder plugin allows you to use the Divi Builder on any WordPress website but is not required if you are already using the Divi Theme. The Bloom plugin is an email opt-in and lead-generation plugin for WordPress that is designed to help Divi and WordPress users to build their email lists.  The Monarch plugin is a social media sharing plugin for Divi and WordPress that allows users to add social media sharing buttons to their websites.