The Divi Theme user base and community is growing fast with the continued success of Elegant Themes and their star theme, Divi. With over 280,000 members at Elegant Themes,  there are a now a lot of people who are sharing ideas, code, designs and learning from each other online.

Divi users not only get awesome support from Elegant Themes, but there is now a wide range of 3rd party Divi Theme websites and resources around the web from Divi developers, designers and enthusiasts. Below is a rundown of Divi Theme resources I have come across.

There are more resources out there, so if you own, or know of any not listed, please leave a link in the comments. Thanks.

Please note, affiliate links are marked with *. You will not be charged any extra if you purchase using these links.  

Divi Examples

Divi Theme Examples – This site showcases examples of websites using the Divi theme, along with Divi tutorials, news and reviews.

Official Elegant Themes resources

Divi Theme documentation * – This is the place to start if you are new to Divi.

Elegant Themes Support Forum * – The official Elegant Themes support forum for paid ET members.

Elegant Themes Youtube channel – Videos for everything ET and Divi.

Elegant themes on Facebook – Elegant Themes official Facbook page.

Divi 2.4 Tutorials – New features explained in this cool blog series.

Divi Social media

Divi theme examples – A Facebook group for Divi Theme Examples and general Divi stuff.

Divi Theme Help & Share – A Facebook group for Divi users.

Divi Theme Users – A Facebook group for Divi users run by Elegant Marketplace.

Elegant Themes – Divi Users – A Facebook group for Divi users

Divi Fans – A Google+ group for Divi users

Divi Layouts

Divi Layouts Directory – Search, browse, favorite and download all the best layouts available for Divi. This is the most up to date and comprehensive directory of Divi layouts available.

Free layouts from Elegant Themes – Download all the free layouts from Elegant Themes

Free layouts from Divi Theme Examples – Download all the free layouts from Divi Theme Examples

Layouts from the Divi community – Download all the free and premium layouts from the wider Divi community

Divi Tutorials and code

Divi Theme Examples Resources – This site has a lot of Divi resources you should check out 😉

WP Theme FAQ * – From the creator of Divi booster, this site also offers code tutorials you can implement yourself.

Quiroz Blog – A collection of Divi tutorials and articles.

Evernote File – A collection of code snippets in this public access Evernote file by Alison Freeman

Divi Magazine – A collection of Divi tutorials and articles.

Eileen Lonergan – A collection of Divi tutorials and articles.

Divi Plugins

Divi Plugins Directory The Divi Plugin directory lists all Divi plugins.

The best Divi and non-Divi specific plugins can be found in the Divi plugins page on Divi Theme Examples.

Divi Child Themes

Divi Theme Examples –  Bare bones, Star Café and Divi Developers are Free Divi Child Themes

The Design Space * – Premium Child Themes for Divi (and other themes)

Sunflower web design * – Premium Child Themes for Divi (and other themes)

Elegant marketplace * – Premium Child Themes and plugins for Divi

Engined – A free Child Theme that incorporates a host of customisation options


DIY with Divi – A very simple step by step guide for beginners

CSS for Divi course * – An online course by the talented Divi specialist SJ James

Divi Designer/developers for hire – A list of Divi specialists.

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