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Download this free Divi layout pack designed by Divi Theme Examples for a restaurant that includes 5 unique page templates. The layout is set up for a restaurant but as always, use your imagination and it can be adapted to many website niches. All page layouts are designed using the built-in Divi Builder settings and options with a few lines of CSS within row columns to vertically align content.

The template comes with unique parallax effects using background images and overlayed gradient background and an effect with a staggered parallax image grid using negative section margins. The image gallery has hover zoom and saturation effects that use hidden column overflow and filter saturation settings.

If you like quality layout packs then you should also check out our recent Divi Business and Divi Wedding Photographer layout packs which are also free to download and use on your next project. For more Divi restaurant templates check out this post which lists both free and paid Divi child themes and layouts for restaurants.

Page templates included in the restaurant layout pack;

  • Restaurant – Home
  • Restaurant – Menu
  • Restaurant – Our Space
  • Restaurant – Gallery
  • Restaurant – Bookings

Download the Divi restaurant layout pack

Grab the layout here –  Download Layout pack

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Importing the layout pack to your Divi library

The download file is a zip that contains each of the pages as a separate layout along with a file that contains them all in 1 (Restaurant-all.JSON). If you only want to use single pages or your import is timing out (Divi hosting setting usually to blame) then you can import them as required. If not the quickest way is to import them all using a single file.

Change color palette using the Divi Find & Replace options

change restaurant layout colors

Once you have the layouts loaded into your website, it is very quick and easy to replace the colors using the Find & Replace options. At present this option is only available on a page-by-page basis but it is still very quick. To change the colors on the page you will need to;

  • Find an instance of the color you want to change and open the section, row, or module it is in
  • Right-click on the color setting and select Find & Replace
  • In the bottom Replace With color picker choose your new color
  • Check the checkbox that says Replace All – Replace all found values within every option type, not limited to Background Color
  • Hit the replace button and all instances of that color on your page will be updated

Building your restaurant site with the layouts;

These layouts can be used to get most of your website built with Divi, but you will need to create your pages and navigation yourself in order to load in the pages and create a working website. As a layout pack, there are a few things that I cannot include without turning the package into a child theme. So, here are some suggestions for after you have added your pages and set up the navigation to help to build a better restaurant website;

  • Turn the Booking button in your main navigation into a call-to-action button to make it really easy for users to see
  • Add a phone number with click-to-call in the main navigation
  • Add a contact form plugin that includes a date & time picker to save users scrolling the drop-down day and month options

Find more free Divi layouts

With so many people using Divi, there are a large number of free Divi layouts that are available to download from Elegant Themes and 3rd party designers in the community. The best place to find all of the best layouts available to download is on the Divi layouts directory. This site lists hand-picked, quality layout templates for Divi including both free and premium listings.

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