Free Divi Child Themes

This page lists all of the best free Divi Child themes from 3rd party Divi developers. These are pre-made website templates that can be used with WordPress and the Divi Theme.

All of these child themes for Divi are free to download and use on your own website. To access the download file, some developers may require you to sign up to a mailing lists, to make a $0 donation, or to share a link via social media, but the actual child theme is free of charge.

Check each of the theme listings below for details on how to download and use each specific child theme.

Browse all free child themes for Divi

Are you looking for a premium Divi Child Theme?

The free Divi Child themes listed above can be a great way to get a basic website up-and-running without any expence, but you may require something a bit more professional when building a business website or when building sites for clients.

There are many 3rd party Divi developers creating premium Divi Child Themes and these are all listed in the Child Theme directory. As with the Divi showcase gallery, each child theme is hand-selected and includes only the best quality child themes.

Submit your free child themes

If you have a free Divi child themes not already listed in our directory, feel free to submit it to the website using the contact page on this site.

Everyone is welcome to submit their product URLs, but only the very best free Divi child themes  will be included in the listing. There are many places that list all Divi products without any sort of quality control, but this site aims to filter out the junk so you don’t have to waste your time searching.

What are free & paid Divi child themes?

“A Divi child theme is a WordPress Theme that inherits the functionality and styling of its parent theme, which in our case is Divi. We can use a Divi child theme to customize the design, layout or functionality of our websites without editing the parent (Divi) theme files.”

For more information on Divi child themes you can visit our child themes directory and check out the Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) section which answers the following questions regarding child themes;

  • What is a Divi Child Theme used for?
  • Does Divi need a child theme?
  • How do I update a child theme?
  • Blank child themes Vs. premium child themes
  • Where can I download a free blank Divi Child Theme?
  • How do I make a Child Theme for Divi?
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